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Ask LegoLee Q&A no. 2


As per the end of the season, LegoLee329 answers your questions submitted through Email and Instagram. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whenever wherever you're listening. Thank you so much for making me a part of your day. My name is leeparmy. Might know me as Lego Lee or Lego Lee three to nine. From facebook, instagram, twitter, Youtube, Patreon, you name it, I am all over the Internet and this is the brick Ology podcast, the study of small plastic bricks. How are you doing today? I sincerely hope you are doing so so well. And it's currently thunderstorming in my area and according to my weather app the thunderstorms are going through last until five am tomorrow morning, and tomorrow morning, when I'm recording this on Thursday, is when I need to upload this episode of Brick Oology. So this is the only time I have available to record this episode of brick oology. So if it sounds like the sky is completely falling apart in the background today, I sincerely apologize. I don't really have a choice. I'll try to do my best with adobe editing magic, but there might be some distracting rain storms and or thunder in the background. So, without further ado, let's just jump into today's episode of Brick Ology. This is episode twenty two. Of Brick Ology and this is kind of the little tagalong episode, the added on episode at the end of the season. And so essentially I did this in season one with episode eleven. My first season was ten episodes and then for the eleven episode I did an additional Qa. The Qa was a great thing to do because it was a little bit of an easier episode or record, not as short, gave me no less time to had to write a script or anything. Obviously I don't really have to write a script for a QA. I just read off the questions and kind of Adlib my answers. So the QA is a nice little break for me on brick ology and it's also a time for me to give back to you guys. Literally, I get to answer y'all's questions, which is super cool and is a good way for me to interact with the brick the brick oology fan base and community, which I'm really happy to do. So we are at the end of season two. I did all of my season two episodes and guys, what a great season. Seriously, I am enjoying this so, so much and everything is just getting better. I think that brick ology episodes are getting better. My scripts. What I'm talking about, the topics, it's all getting better. The interactions with the community has gotten great. My instagram following is so going, so, so well. I have over elevenzero followers. My Youtube subscribers. I really want to get more youtube subscribers. I'd like to kind of get that channel up and running again. What should be great, but youtube subscribers, I have seen a little bit of a marginal increase and I'm just interacting with a lot of people and I'm getting emails from people about Brick Ology. It's really awesome and my streams are over five thousand five hundred or now on spotify alone, not counting the streams on apple podcast or the views on Youtube. So all together, brick Ology, it's going so well and I'm enjoying the heck out of this. I love doing this podcast and I am super excited to continue doing it, which is a good segue into announcing season three of brick ology. There's no weight or anything. It starts next week, y'all. One Week from today, next Friday, will be the premiere of brick ology season three and, like the first two seasons, the first episode will be about Lego Star Wars. The first episode four. Season three will be continuing along with the chronlogical order. A star wars movies will be about Star Wars sets based off Solo a star wars story. So look forward to that. That is going to be Super Fun. But today, a little bit of a down week, episode, is going to be the seasonal Q and a episode. Thank you to everybody who submitted these questions. I got quite a few emails. The email questions will get priority and then I have questions that were DMS on instagram. Those questions I will read towards the end of...

...the episode. Now, if you see me a question and specified it's supposed to be for this Qa episode of Brick Ology, I promise you it is being read on today's show as long it was as it was appropriate and I think everybody follow good, appropriate guidelines for a, you know, rather pg centered podcast. So I promise you of the question is being read today and if I somehow missed it, I literally didn't see it and I apologize I didn't see it. That's obviously something that can happen. I, you know, can make mistakes like that and if I didn't see it and did not answer your question, contact me email meet Lego lead through to night o brick ology at gmailcom. Tact brickhologycom at gmailcom or dmme on instagrammers to me, message on Youtube, whatever. Just let me know if I did not answer your question. I really apologize if I don't, but if I forgot somebody, somehow, I will make it up to you, I promise. Before we talk about the questions, I have to do a shameless plug for my other accounts. Guys, check me out on my face root page, twitter and Instagram, all those social media's Lego lead three to nine. Please go check me out there, especially my instagram. My Post daily content on INSTA right now. Also my youtube channel. I up with this podcast every week in my youtube channel. There's lots of other video reviews and such over there. Check me out on Youtube and if you really love brick Ology, if you really love the content I'm producing, maybe consider becoming a patreon supporter. Literally, a day note donation of one dollar a month goes a long way for funding things like this podcast and my lego obsession and my reviews. I'm all my accounts. So if you really love my content, maybe consider becoming a patreon supporter. But without further ado, let's jump into this week's episode, this season's Q and a episode of brick oology. Okay, I lied very briefly. I'm I'm going to read one question from an instagram DM first, before I get to the email questions. This one comes from the instagram user named funny backwards are, and he writes, do you like Lego? Yes, funny backwards are, if you could not tell already, I absolutely love Lego. I just thought that that was a hilarious question to get because I spend so much of my time on the Internet making lego content. And I don't know if he was a trying to troll me or be funny. But you know what, if you're trying to be funny, USO, your account name literally has the word funny in it. You did a good job, because I got a good laugh out of that question. Okay, now it's time to get to the email questions. The first one comes from a guy whose name is deeper ant eater, very interesting name, and he writes, what's your favorite Lego? Ninjago set from two thousand and nineteen and why? Also, if you have enough space, here's another question. What is your favorite Lego weapon peace. Thank you so much for the questions. Deeper ant eater, to answer the first one, what is your favorite Lego Ninjago set from two thousand and nineteen? It has to be that Mech set. I can't remember the specific name, maybe Titan Mech or something. It's that Mech. It was an eighty dollar set. It has a beautiful color scheme of like white gold and sand green. That is an awesome looking set. It's a set that I probably would not have purchased for a list pride, but I actually found it on clearance at Walmart this past January or February for nineteen dollars. So I paid nineteen bucks for that set, which was a great deal. That has like eight hundred seventy five pieces or something and it's an absolutely gorgeous design, one of the cooler looking Ninjago and just leg o Mex in general. It's huge. It's an awesome design, great building techniques, great uses of pieces all throughout. I love that set. So that is the answer to my favorite two thousand and nineteen Lego Ninjago set. As for your other question about my favorite lego weapon piece, off the top of the head, I'm not entirely sure what to say. There's a lot of cool ones. I do really like the Rakai weapons from the Lord of the ring series. That that's that's what I'm going to go with here. The...

Iraqi sword and the Erki Shield. Both of those molds were really great. They're super accurate to the films and I just love both those pieces. So my answer to your question is going to be the Ericai weapons from the Lord of the Rings series. But thank you so much, deeper and eater, for the questions. Moving on, Carter Snell rights, Hey Lee, so I have a lot of ques for you to a first, what's your favorite Lego video game? Second, what do you think was the was the worst lego theme ever made? Next question is what is your favorite Lego piece? Next question is, have you ever stepped on a Lego? And lastly, he writes, because I did way too many questions, could you please do a briakology episode on the two thousand and eight Lego Batman Line? Thanks. That's all for me until the next time. That is dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot. Thank you so much for all of the questions, Carter, and I will answer each and everyone on this episode here today. So for your court first question about the favorite Lego video game, I mean it's a cliche answer. I think most people give you this answer, but it's Lego Star Wars, the complete saga, the original one that came out. I can't remember what year that came out, but it's has to be well over a decade now, and I had that for the Nintendo we I played it all the time when I was really young and occasionally I still pop it in and play it today and I'm super hyped for the new version coming out this October. But my favorite LEGO video game has to be that original Lego Star Wars game. As for the worst lego theme ever made, I think the answer for me has to be Lego binten. Now I know galador is one that was pretty awful as well. That I considered when I read that question. However, for me Ben Ten was super disappointing because when that theme came out I was a really big binten fan, so getting bent ten Lego was like little dream of mine back when those sets came out a decade ago, in two thousand and ten, and the sets are just these awful, horrible quality, ugly action figure style that aren't even as good as something like bionicle. Those sets are terrible and bent ten was such a disappointment to me and was such a waste of potential for a TV show that I think could lend itself to Lego really well. I think the fact that they messed up Benten that bad makes it the worst lego theme ever made, in my opinion. My favorite Lego piece man, there's so many to choose from. I feel like I gotten this question before on Qa's on my instagram and I just never know what to say. There are so many lego pieces that I have no one piece that I'm like yeah, that's my favorite piece. So sorry, Carter, I don't think I'll be able to answer that question in particular today. However, your next question about stepping on a Lego. Obviously I have stepped on lots of Lego pieces in my days. I mean especially when I was younger, when I'd like build Lego stuff on the floor of my bedroom. In my bedroom was just covered in them and I would always step on them, especially like the middle of the night. If ever like woke up in the middle of night, had to go to the bathroom but there's just lego pieces on my floor. I would get up and just step on one and be like, oh my gosh, it's incredibly painful. I've I remember, I think I've had like a lego piece to the knee before. I definitely had lego pieces cut me on my hand while building. I mean I've had my fair share of injuries come from Lego pieces and stepping on them. Of course I don't. It's so so many times. And if your last question about an episode on the two thousand and eight Lego Batman Line, of course Lego Batman. I mean I've thought about it. You know I would love to do a Batman episode. There is a lot of Lego Batman content, so I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to go about doing a Batman episode. It's probably gonna have to be multiple episodes, like three, four or five if episodes. And of course there's all the other DC superhero sets. So there definitely will be a lego Batman and Lego DC superheroes themed episode at some point down the pipeline for brick ology. Don't you worry. I'm not sure when that will be and I might wait until the new Batman movie comes out next year or something to,... know, coincide the release of that film, but I do promise at some point in the future, assuming this podcast continues, I will be doing an episode on the two thousand and eight Lego Batman Line and all other Lego Batman sets mean. Ultimately, my goal for brick ology is to cover every lego set ever made, if that's possible. So at some point that will happen. Thank you so much for all of those questions, Carter. Those are greatly appreciated and let's move on to the next question. Courtney Cannon Rights, dear Lego Lee, here my Lego questions for you. What is the most expensive Lego set you have ever bought and what is your favorite Lego theme? Thanks again for your podcast and I can't wait to hear my name on your podcast well. Thank you, Courtney, for the awesome questions. At Courtney has been a supporter of brick oology for a while now. Awesome Person. Thank you so much for your consistent support. That really does mean a lot to me, and thank you so much again for these questions. These are actually pretty easy questions for me to answer. The most expensive Lego set I've ever bought is the most expensive Lego set that ever existed, and that is the UCS Millennium Falcon from two thousand and seventeen. That is an eight hundred dollar US dollar set and that is the most pensive Lego set ever. So obviously, if I have that said in particular, I can't really, you know, go up or anything from there because that is the bar currently for Lego sets. So that is the answer to that question. And then favorite lego theme. I get this question all the time and there is literally no hesitation for me relating. Just to look, what did I just said? But the leaning Falcon, it's Star Wars. It's obviously star wars. I'm obsessed with Lego Star Wars. Lego Star Wars will forever be my favorite lego theme. There's plenty of other lego themes I love, like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel superheroes, you name it, but Lego Star Wars is my favorite Lego theme and I think will forever be my favorite Lego thank you so much, though, court me, for the questions and now let's move on to the next question, which comes from John Wilson. He writes my question. How does you first start your channel? Was it difficult? Did you ever think it would get this big? Thank you, John Wilson, for the question. That is a fantastic question. Now I think to shameless plug some content I've made on Youtube before. I've kind of gone over how my channels started in a couple of videos. I made a video last October celebrating my tenure anniversary on Youtube where I kind of told some of my story and I actually made a video called Lego lead through to nine, my story. That's on Youtube. I believe I'm a video like two thousand and seventeen or so. It's a five minute like mini doc episode where I kind of explain how I started my youtube channels. So if you want to get more information on my story, check out those respect active videos, but I will answer it to an extent here. I first started my channel in two thousand and nine. I was twelve years old and I was, you know, following things on like forums and stuff for Lego, like fbtv Euro bricks, and that led me to seeing some youtube videos and I saw some awesome reviews for Lego sets and I currently had a blog at the time like a blog, spot blog where I did written lego reviews, but I was also a twelve year old to my reviews were terrible and eventually I was like, you know what, I think making lego videos would be super cool. So October two thousand and nine I used my Webcam and the photo booth APP on my Webcam. It was literally a mirror image, because that's what photo booth does, and I filmed my first ever Lego Youtube Videos and just upload them. There were some bionical videos. They've been on Youtube for nearly eleven years now. They are terrible videos. I have no idea why anyone ever watched them, but they did and my youtube channel grew from there. Was it difficult? I mean, I was pretty young, I didn't really know what I was doing. I wouldn't really say it was difficult for me because I enjoy it and it's something that I love and I've never found difficulty in making youtube videos because I love it so much and starting youtube channel was just something I was passionate about and still am passionate about. So in terms...

...of difficulty, there's definitely been some, you know, hardships here and there with youtube changing things and algorithms and losing subscribers and all that sort of stuff, and I've had to put a lot of hard work into my content, especially as of late. But I wouldn't really say it was difficult for me because I just truly love it so much. And did I ever think it would get this big? Absolutely not. The fact that I got any views is kind of crazy to me. I have over four million. Four million people have watched me make videos about Lego on the Internet. That is ridiculous. I mean most people probably don't have four million people doing anything for them in their life. That's a lot of people. That is like as many people that live in certain states in the United States of America. Like that is a ridiculous amount of people and I absolutely cannot believe that many people have viewed my stuff. So, while it definitely could be bigger and there are way bigger youtube accounts out there, I still think it's pretty wild how my content has gotten this big and I'm very, very thankful for all of that. Like I said, though, if you want to know more about my story, check out those videos I mentioned on my youtube account and there shameless plug to check out my youtube account, but thank you so much for writing the awesome question in, John Wilson. Moving on to the next question, Nathan writes. With the rapid release in declining box office of the lego movies after the surprising hit the first Lego movie was, what do you see as the future of Lego movie releases? Do you ever see Warner Brothers putting their lego movie into theaters or do you think they will be doomed to the strict to DVDs streaming service releases we've seen since the lego movie to that is a fantastic question, Nathan. Thank you so much for writing that in and also to answer your question, Warner Brothers is no longer going to be making any LEGO movies. I believe universal now owns the right to the lego movie franchises. So lego movies, if there's going to be any more produced in the future, will be made by universal instead of Warner Brothers, which is very interesting because Lego Warner Brothers, I've thought as had, you know, a very peaceful and good marriage over the year, so to see them split like that is very odd. And you're right. The box office numbers for the lego movies ever since the first one have just slowly dipped and dipped, which is very odd and kind of sad. The lego Batman movie really came in under product under predictions, which is really, really disappointing, and then Lego Ninjaga movie was just so straight up flop. And then the Lego movie too. It made a decent amount of money, but it was like half the amount of money the first lego movie did. So the box office that the first movie came apparently, which is lightning in a bottle, and they were not able to replicate that success, which is kind of odd to me, because the quality of movies has actually been pretty solid. Ever was quite as good as that original lego movie, but it's still been very solid movies and I don't know why the box office has continued to dip in the way it has, but there's a lot of reasons for that. I'm sure I could investigate it more to answer that further. But here's the thing. I can't really imagine universal wanting the rights for the Lego movie franchise if they didn't have plans to make something out of it here in the future. What that is, I have absolutely no idea, but I feel like they would only want the rights if they have some sort of plan to make a Lego movie here at some point in the future. So to answer that question, I do think we will see another lego movie of some sort down the pipeline within the next few years. It could be like Lego spider man. I've heard rumors of a lego spider man movie for a while. That could, you know, kind of cross or maybe with the spider man into the spider verse movies or something. If they could get the rights of that from Sony, that could be cool. Other than that, I'm not really sure what they could do. I have no idea if they'll be continuing like the Emma and Lucy storylines or if warner brothers that's just going to kind of die with the Warner Brothers lego movie combination. I have no clue. So I think we will see Lego movies at some point in the future. They honestly might go straight... streaming services, though, like the scuba movie or trolls world tour, because universal it's had a falling out with some movie theater chains for putting some of their animated movies for just assuming services. But they also made a lot of money and mantrolls world, or thinks maybe like hundreds of millions of dollars on streaming. So I do think maybe we could see that at some point in the future. I'm very interested to see where this all goes. So I think we will see a lego movie and universal stab at it at some point here and the future. I just have no idea exactly what that movie will look like. Thank you so much, though. That is a awesome question, Nathan. I hope my answer helped out just a little bit. The next question comes in from Elizabeth and she writes what is your favorite Lego set under two hundred pieces? What is your favorite big set over four thousand pieces? I'll answer the second half first, because I already gave my answer later when I talked about the most expensive legos at a guy and that has to be the ultimate collector series. You SS star Wars Millennium Falcon from two thousand and seventeen. It has over seventy five hundred pieces, I believe, and absolutely gigantic set. That has to be my favorite set over forzero pieces. However, the question about favorite set under two hundred pieces is a great one and something I really don't know the answer to off the top of my head. I actually just reviewed a Jurassic World set, Dr Woo's lab, the baby dinosaurs breakout set. You can check out that review on my youtube channel and my IG TV on instagram. That said, had one hundred and sixty four pieces and I gave it a nine on a ten. That was a fabulous set for having so few pieces and I was pretty stunned how much I love that set for its very small piece count. So honestly, that is one of the best under two hundred piece sets I can ever think of from Lego. Another one that came to mind is the two thousand and fourteen battle of Salucum I set from Lego Star Wars. That said, I believe had around a hundred and seventy five ish pieces. It was a fifteen dollar set and it was kind of a battle pack, but it came with a bark speeder, a special bark clone trooper, to Super Battle Droids, to Norrabile droids, a step and a piece of terrain and it had some really cool play features. I believe I talked about that set in my episode about Star Wars, episode three sets. That is a great set that was under two in her pieces as well. So those are the first two sets that came to mind for your question. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for your question. Okay, that does it for the questions I got via email. The next few questions I'm going to answer all came from DM's on instagram. So let's get to those questions here right now. Chris J Evans, Captain America Question Mark from instagram. Rights. Will you do a knights of the Old Republic episode? That is a fantastic question, Chris. Now, like I said earlier, I love to cover every single lego theme and show in whatever ever on brick ology. I love to talk about every Lego set ever made. So at some points I will hope to cover the Lego sets technically just based off the old republic game. That never writ it. I don't think they've ever made anything that's based specifically off the nights of the old republic game, but it's easy to get those two confused. Now here's the thing. They made what like for total set space off the old republic, four or five. There's two battle packs and there was three sets, so five total sets plus that darth Raven polly bag. So there's not a whole lot of material there and it might not even warrant its own episode of Brick Oology, although I did do an episod sewed on the Avatar the last airbender sets in the only two of those. So I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to tackle the Non Cannon Star Wars video game sets. I was thinking about maybe doing an entire episode after I'm done with all these star wars movies and shows, doing an episode about these Star Wars Video Game Lego sets. But there are quite a few video game sets that could be way too mini sets for one episode. So I might do an old republic episode at some...

...point. I would not expect that episode to happen for quite some time. I want to get through the more mainstream cannon movie and TV show based Star Wars stuff before I talk about the old republic, but after I'm done. But I still want to have some star wars material because you know, Star Wars is my biggest, you know, stream catcher here. I will probably talk about them at some point in time. So to answer your question, yes, I will talk about the nights of the or just the old republic stuff at some point. Will it be its own secular episode. I have no idea. That is to be determined, which is wait and see, but I promise you assumed it. Briccology continues into the future. I will do an episode where I talk about those sets. Moving on to the next question, K doodle's rights, what's your favorite obscure Lego theme and why? That is a great question. K doodles. I don't really know what obscure Lego theme means. I don't think there's any LEGO theme that's like Super Obscure that no one has ever heard of or anything. I think you know, most people who are involved in the Lego community have heard of most themes, but some shortlived themes that I personally love. The Lone Ranger is one. That movie came out at absolutely bombed. It was not a good movie, but the Lone Ranger Lego sets were incredible. It was six of the best Lego sets I've ever gotten my entire life. They completely killed it with that line. I'll definitely do an episode about the lone ranger sets at some point here in the future. Those are great sets. So for a license theme I'd have to go with the lone ranger. I also for an unlicensed theme. I really liked the galaxy squad line. I'll definitely also want to do an episode about Galaxy Squad at some point the future as well. Look at makes space sort of themes all the time, but galaxy squad in particular just had really cool vehicles for its main protagonist. They all had different colors, really cool space suits and like robot sidekicks. It was a really interesting line with cool vehicles and a lot of cool stuff. I really like galaxy squad as well and I kind of feel like that theme has been forgotten a little bit in the Lego community, even though I believe it had like three different waves. So those are a few answers to that question. So I probably say the lone ranger and Galaxy squadters are my favorite more obscure lego themes. We're kind of getting close towards the end of the questions here, but Lego Republic commando first rights. What is your favorite Lego game theme? Minecraft, overwatch, Super Mario, etc. That is a great question and kind of a weird one for me to answer. Super Mario. As a tire recording this it's scheduled to come out here and just a little bit over a week and I am pumped for these Super Mario stuff because I love Mario and Nintendo and even though I'm a little bit let down by the direction this Mario theme has gone in. I wish there were mini figures and I'm actually going to do Mario episode in a few weeks at some point, so I'll talk more about that in the future. I'm still excited for that theme because it means Lego Nintendo exists and I'm excited that Lego Nintendo exists. Minecraft and over watch, though, I believe I only ever got one minecraft set. I've gotten one set pretty much every lego theme ever and I got one minecraft set like in two thousand and fourteen. It didn't really do it for me. I think the style those sets are pretty boring and I don't play minecraft that much personally. I have played minecraft at a couple points in time, but I just prefer building with real lego as opposed to minecraft building. I was never really into that game, so Lego minecraft has never really done it for me. Not a big fan of that theme. Overwatch has had some fantastic sets. I got the three smaller overwatch sets. Most of them on sale and all of those sets were great. They were great designs, the mini figures are great, pretty much everything about those sets was great. However, I've literally never played overwatch once in my entire life. I have almost no knowledge of anything from over watch, so I have no personal attachment to that. So, ultimately, even though I don't have any sets from it yet and it hasn't even come out the time recording this episod sowed and I don't even... the theme because of some of the weird decisions they've made, Super Mario is going to be my answer because I just like Super Mario more than these other two and I will be buying a lot more of these sets because simply, it is Super Mario Lego. It's been a dream of mine for a very long time now. So I'm very hyped for Super Mario and hopefully it expands to mini figures and other things from Nintendo in the future. So my answer for you right now has to be lego Super Mario. And finally, we have one more question. This comes from a man e Gab, hopefully I said that user name correctly, and he asks what is your favorite Lego? Clone Trooper and Lego Mine is gree and Scout Trooper. Well, the Scout Troopo technically is a storm trooper. Less you're talking about the ones from Kaschia. I guess theres our kind of scout troopers, but I don't remember their official name. That is a good question, though, and I honestly think you stole my answer. New Little parenthesies at the end of your question greet I love the Green Lego mini figure. It's such a cool design and movie. I love it's kind of Camo silverish helmet and the green armor and his green visor. I think that gree character looks awesome in the film's and I think Lego did a great job with that. Mini figures actually become a somewhat common figure. It's coming a number of sets over the years, but I love that figure. It's a great looking figure and I think you answered the question for me. I would have to agree with you and say gree is also my favorite lego clone trooper. And that is all. Y'All. Those are all of the questions I got for today's Qing a episode of Brick Ology, and thank you all so much to you guys for sending me these questions on email and on instagram. I literally would not have been able to do this episode without you and your questions. Means a lot to me that I had enough people sending questions for now entire Qa episode. That is really great and I'm super happy with how this episode and how Brick Ology is going. We are now officially two seasons deep into brick ology. I have a pretty extensive catalog and I'm super highted for season three to begin next week. So look out for that and thank you so much for listening to today's episode. While you're at it, if you haven't already, follow me on spotify. Let people don't follow me on spotify. If you're listening on spotify, maybe consider following me on spotify. That would be a big, big help to me. Also, follow me on Instagram, like man facebook, follow me on twitter, start on youtube channel, consider becoming a patron supporder. Check me out all over the Internet. Send me feedback on instagram. DM's email. Email is like only through to nine at GMAILCOM. I love to hear from y'all. That is just so great. Thank you all so much for making this podcast what it is for a great second season. I'll hear from you, guys next week with the beginning of season three. It has been legally through to nine piece out by by.

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