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LEGO Alpha Team (2001)


After the success of the LEGO video game known as Alpha Team in 2000, LEGO decided to make a line of sets based on the game a year later. LegoLee articulates the bizarre inception of the spy-based line, going through each set from the first year and why he's not a massive fan of the initial wave. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whenever wherever you're listening. Thank you so much for making me a part of your day. My name is Lee Palm. Might know me as Lego Lee or Lego Lee three to nine. From facebook, instagram, twitter, Youtube, you name it, I'm all over the Internet and this is the brick oology podcast, the study of small plastic bricks. How are you doing today? I sincerely hope you're having an absolutely fantastic day and I just got back from New York City Comic Con. I worked the event with my company, Dinner Geek. It was an absolute blast. However, I'm feeling the effects of the grind today. Luckily, it is indigenous People's Day, so I actually had a day off of work. It would have been very difficult actually work and entire full day today because I am thoroughly exhausted. I can hardly feel my feet, everything is sore. But you know what, I had a day off and I was like, Lee, you can't waste the day off. You've been struggling to consistently get brick ology out there. So I was like, I need to record an episode of the podcast today, and that means that this episode is probably in a come out on Tuesday morning. Hopefully that means three weeks in a row here we're going to have an episode of brick oology. So I'm getting back on somewhat of a consistent schedule and hopefully that will continue. I am going to shoot for, hopefully around a biweekly schedule through the end of the year and there are a couple episodes that I'm going to prioritize releasing over the next few weeks. Now, if you follow me on Instagram, so shameless pledged to go follow my instagram at Lego Lee through to nine. I did kind of post a season schedule for brickology and I'm probably not going to upload all the episodes seen on that schedule in order. I will get to all of those episodes eventually. The order is subject to change and, for example, one thing that I'm going to prioritize doing sooner or that than later is hiddenside. That will become of my spooky season Halloween special episode of Brick Ology. And then we have the eternal sets that I recently just got. That episode of Brick oology will come out as soon as I can see the movie. so that's episodes will by prioritize, and then we have our other traditional brick ology stuff like Ninjago, Star Wars Harry Potter adventurers, will complete this season as well. Lots of fun stuff to come for the future of season six of brick oology. Additionally, like I said, I am wiped. I'M SUPER TIRED FROM COMIC CON. Hopefully I sound a little bit okay. I don't feel great, my voice doesn't feel great, but hopefully I am able to actually record this episode and sound decent enough. And shout out to dinner Geek and also shout out to accidentally stealing the microphone. I did not mean to bring this micro home phone home with me, but I have a road microphone that's attached to my phone, so I'm going to test out using this mic on my phone and see how it sounds, because if it sounds good, it will be a very convenient way for me to be able to record these podcasts from pretty much anywhere I want to. So we'll see how that sounds and if you want to hear more about my experiences at New York comic on, check out my are you not podcast, because I'll be mentioning some fun stuff that I did and upcoming episodes of that podcast. Now, with all that out the way, of course, I need to shamelessly plug myself and then we'll jump straight in to this week's episode of Brick Ology. So I already mentioned my other podcast. Are you not check that out? Also check out the very manly muppet show. There should be a new episode of that podcast coming here very soon. And also follow me on whatever...

...streaming service you're listening. Hit me the follow if you're on spotify, if you're on apple podcast, subscribe to my podcast and maybe considered leaving a review out of five stars and a written review. I'd love to hear your feedback. Other places you can give me feedback in support me patreon. I have a youtube channel, like only, through to nine's, like Aly, through Tony on all of these various accounting can allow me on Instagram, twitter and facebook as well to keep up with what I am doing on the Internet. All right, shameless plugs out of the way. I am very tired, but I'm really excited about this week's episode of Brick Ollogy. So let's jump in and talk about this theme. So this past weekend the twenty five James Bond Movie The last Daniel Craig James Bond Movie, No time to die, premiered in theaters across the world, especially here in the United States. And Look, I consider doing a James Bond episode of brick oology because Lego does have the James Bond license and they have made exactly one set, the ultimate collector series direct consumer DB Five Aston Martin set a few years ago under the Creator expert umbrella. That is all they have done for James Bond and I truthfully have no idea why they haven't made more bond sets. Bond has a big fan base. I think a lot of stuff will whin itself very well to Lego. I would love to see some minifigure style sets for James Bond maybe at some point in time, but with no time to die not getting anything from Lego, I find it very unlikely will actually get any minifigure bond sets. Pretty much ever, it seemed like a perfect time now and they completely blew it. So not sure why Lego has not made any other James Bond sets. I was like, you know what, there's only one James Bond set it to that'd be a pretty lane episode of Brick Ology if there were just one single set. However, Lego has kind of made their own James Bond esque themes throughout the years, kind of similar to how you know leg it does westerns or Ninja sets that are, you know, just introductual properties. Lego has made themselves like pirate sets, not based off anything but clearly inspired by the popular movies and TV shows from that genre. Lego has also done a number of different spy themes throughout the year. Lego agents has been a little bit more recent. Action Episode About Lego agents on brick oology earlier this year. Definitely go check that out. And a theme that actually came before agents is called Lego Alpha team, and that is this week's episode of Brick Ology and I'm going to talk a bit about the inception of Alpha team and then we're going to talk about the Alpha team sets from the year two thousand and one only, and yes, this is kind of an announced of the Alpha team will become a brief mini series for brick oology. There's only two other ways of Alpha team. Besides, though, I'm talking about today. So next season of brick ology will do the underwater Alpha team stuff and then in two seasons we will do the kind of icy Alpha team stuff, so look forward to that. It's not going to be a very long mini series but there will be three different episodes for like a Alpha team, and today is just Alpha team from two thousand and one and one. An interesting thing about Alfa team is that this is actually a lego theme based off a video game. And No, not like Super Mario or minecraft or over watch, where it's based off a video game from, you know, a license product. This was a Lego video game called Alpha Team, a Lego game made for the PC in the year two thousand called Alpha team. That was a players puzzle spy like game where you had a bunch of different characters that had different abilities and you would solve puzzles. And then in two thousand and one, a year later, they made sets based off the video game. To an extent, the sets weren't exactly the exact same thing as the... game. That changed from the appearance of the characters, but they did keep some of their main attributes as well. So that is very interesting to me because normally if like a mix a video game, it comes after the sets, but these sets were inspired off a Lego video game but the video game itself is a Lego Ip. Very odd. This is in and this is an inhouse lego theme. It is not a license theme, but it was a video game before being lego sets. Now some of the characters featured in the video game that we will talk about throughout the today's episode, or Brick Ology, are the characters of who has the ability of motion? You have crunch, who is the explosives expert. You Have Radia, the first female member of the group, who deals with lasers. You have charge, and I'll let you guess. Yes, charge is the electricity expert. You have CAM, another female. First off, really cool that there was more than one female agent. Twenty years ago. I've complained in my bionical episodes. I think it's so dumb. There's always just one girl and everybody else is a dude. But Alfa teine actually has multiple female agents from day one. So Cam, who deals with the motors, is also a woman, so that is very cool. You also have flex, who is the ropes expert, and then you have the robot sidekick named T V, spelled t ee V, and he is a robot with a TV for a face, and we'll talk about him later when he shows up in these sets. Now, these are loosely inspired off James Bond. However, I would say they're a little bit less James Bond and more mission impossible. The first mission impossible came out in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, I believe, and mission impossible to came out in two thousand and one, the year that these sets came out as well. They definitely are clearly inspired based off mission impossible. I just say it's a little bit more fantastical and a little bit more ridiculous, which is kind of akin to, let the James Bond movies of the late s and early s. So it kind of feels like a mixture of a few different spy sort of properties and it's a very interesting thing. It's got lots of spy ways and secret agents and gadgets and, you know, nefarious villains and whatnot. And, like I said, the theme itself came out in the year two thousand and one. It only lasted a few years and of course, like I said, we'll talk about those other themes on brick oology in the future. So that further ado. Let's jump in and talk about the two thousand and one Lego Alpha team sets. Now this truthfully actually wasn't intentional, kind of like how I did the twenty anniversary at bionicle. When I talked about bioticle earlier this year, I actually just realized this is the twenty anniversary of Lego Alpha team. These sets did first premiere in two thousand and one. is now, of course, two thousand and twenty one. And let's talk about these two thousand and one sets, starting off with the smallest set of the bunch. For Four dollars a twenty nine pieces, this is Ogul's command striker. This have includes one figure, and that is OGL OGL is the main adversary of the Alpha team. He is a recurring villain that goes through every single Alpha team wave and he's definitely inspired a little bit off of Blowfeld or Dr Evil, who is a blowfield parody from awesome powers of both lot of course, being the iconic James Bond Villain. And one of the main things that both Blowfeld and Dr Evil have is a messed up eyeball, and Ogl here has a red eye and he does eventually get a hook for a hand, but that actually doesn't start until later on. AFA team. So he has normal hands here he has this crazy armor piece and he has it's very like metallic chrome gold helmet that goes over his creepy looking face, very nefarious, evil looking, villainous character. And ogul is an interesting name for sure. And why is his name Ogel,... may ask? Well, OGL, simply put, is lego spelled backwards. Oh, GEL LGO, it is lego backward. So that is the origin of the name of this character. Yeah, it's a little bit silly, but he is a very iconic lego villain and I have a soft spot for the ogel character. Distin iconic lego villain in the stratosphere of a lot of really cool lego villains, I think logol was one of the cooler ones they've ever created. And for the build of this set you get his command striker, which basically the best way I can put this is the command striker is an airboat with skis and it has a big fan at the back, like an air boat would that it has two pieces that they normally used for like helicapter blades for the rotor, but they are skis here. Interesting again that it has big laser guns and then a seat for Ogul and it's very simple. It's very weird but honestly it was a solid build in the very unique build for a four dollar Lego set. So that is the command striker. Not much else to say. A very small set but a good cheap way to get it. That ogle character. And one fun fact about Ogul. He is the only character in this entire line that actually appears in multiple set. So every other figure you'll hear throughout today's episode or Brick Ology is exclusive to whatever said I am talking about. And the next set I'll talk about here is the Alpha Team cruiser. This was a seven dollar set with fifty seven pieces and the figure included here is a radia who has purple hair. However, she's not have a purple hair piece. The Purple Harris is printed on the face and she is wearing a white mini figure cap. Pretty interesting figure. These figures actually had a good bit of detail for twenty years ago, which was nice to see. As for the build of this set, it looks a bit like a speedboat in the middle with a simple blue windscreen piece and there obviously is a seat for Radia with a big transparent radar dish behind her. That looks pretty cool. But then off to the sides you have these large engines that really look like jet engines and a Sibbin that makes this thing very fast and it looks pretty cool and overall it's a very weird vehicle, similar to the last vehicle. It's like a combination of a few different types of vehicles and yeah, that's weird. But this obviously is a fantasy can a spy universe. Leo is making up themselves and I approve of the weirdness and sometimes I prefer the weird stuff to the more normal stuff, and I think this looks very, very cool. Moving on to another seven dollar set from this line with seventy nine pieces, so much better priced apart raised in the last couple of sets. Here is the Alpha team helicopter. The figure included with this set here is who has a printed headset piece in a very simple Lego hairpiece in the build here, unlike the last two sets, is not weird. It is a helicopter. Now, if you follow Lego, especially Lego, in the past five to ten years, they have just made so mini freaking helicopters. They love making helicopters and you know what, helicopters are pretty cool. I really do love helicopters and they do make for good Lego sets, so I don't blame them for just kind of spamming us with way too many Lego helicopters. This one is a little bit souped up. It has another cool blue cockpit piece that can open and you can, of course put your agent figure inside there, which is very nice, and the front has a couple of laser looking pieces that have tubes on them that connect to the back of the helicopter with the back of missile pieces. Not really sure what that is. I have no explanation for that, but it does esthetically like this thing look very cool. And off to the side there are some arms with laser guns on the side that can move in... out, which is cool. Of course it's a helicopter, so does have a top rotor and, like I said, with these moll is set from this line that use these ski pieces that were actually the helicopter rotor pieces. Well, that part in particular is used with this set as a helicopter rotor, which is very nice, and they are in transparent kind of neon green and it looks very cool and of course, does spin around and finally, the back fin has a couple of more engines. There is no rotor at the back, which seems like an odd design for a helicopter. Not sure how this thing will stabilize entirely, but over all, a pretty cool looking helicopter and a nice build, especially for a seven dollar set. However, it's way more conventional than pretty much every other vehicle in this line. So yeah, it's a good helicopter, but everything else is so unique this helicopter kind of gets lost in the shuffle as being one of the more average ALFA team sets from this year. Moving on to a bigger set from this line, for twenty dollars with one hundred and thirty four pieces, we have the Alpha team a TV. The figures included with this said here were flex, who has a simple helmet piece, and Kim, who has snapes hairpiece, kind of the middle part hairpiece that use for snape and for loop Skywalker at certain points in time, and Anakin Skywalker to I believe in red, which could definitely been my hair before I got to cut a few months ago. And the build of this set, there actually are a number of different builds with this set one you get the a TV itself, which a TV is an interesting word because when I think of ATV's I think of four wheelers, things that have wheels. This, I guess technically it's still can be an all terrain vehicle, but it does not have wheels. It does have simple lego treads and also uses the x wing cockpit piece in blue, which I believe this is the only set that that particular piece has common and transparent blue color, which is pretty cool. The back section has a winch. One shout out to Youtuber just too good for his review of this set, because I was kind of confused with the play features of this set just based off looking the set images. I never personally had this set myself, so I wasn't entirely sure what this thing did. But the back section does have a winch, which of course, is kind of a staple of most real life atvs, so that is cool. But it does use those lego string pieces that I've definitely mentioned on this podcast before and I hate lego string pieces. Not a huge fan of the lego string but a cool winch piece at the back and then also at the back there is a ladder piece on a swivel, but the ladder is not being used as a ladder. If you know the Lego ladder piece, you know it's kind of a slightly more malleable soft plastic that has some give to it. And oddly enough, what you can do here is put one of your figures against the ladder, pull back just a bit and it basically launches them like a catapult. Very odd and bizarre feature, but it's also kind of cool and I think it works out pretty well. So definitely an interesting feature with this set, and it's a TV. Also has a trailer. That is a very simple build. It connects at the back and the trailer. There's nothing to write how about with the trailer. But of course when you have a trailer, usually it is carrying something, and in this case it's the other main build of this set, which is a submarine. And the submarine is a very simple submarine. It's not too big, but it does have that big kind of Dome Submarine Cockpit piece here and transparent blue that looks very cool. There is one seat for a figure on the inside and has a transgreen propeller at the back. Nothing crazy, but overall it looks pretty cool. And there is a hook on the top of the submarine and you can connect that to the winch and basically pretend like the winch is pulling the submarine out of the water. Very,...

...very cool. So over all, pretty cool builds here and probably the best play value over all of any of these OFFA team sets. This is definitely a solid set for twenty dollars back in the day. Moving on to a thirty five dollar set with one hundred and ninety pieces, not a very good priced to part ratio. For this set is the Alpha team bomb squad. The figures included here are charge, who has a normal lego hair piece. You also get crunch, who has a Bandana hairpiece that were you to seeing from like Pi it's type sets, and finally you get T v, the character I've mentioned earlier. That is a robot sidekick that has a normal two by one lego brick with a printed TV kind of face, a couple of small lego antenna on his head, and he does use the normal Lego minifig your legs. Overall, a pretty cute and fun little side character for this set. The build the set here one there is a car that sucks. This is probably the worst build from this entire Alpha team collection. It's super simple, it's kind of ugly. It has a nice blue windscreen pieces and has some storage of the back and space or one minifigure, but just looking at this it feels so, so simple and definitely one of the weaker build from this Lego Alpha team collection. You do get some other builds here that I think, our way better. One is a small buggy that has two wheels and it has two sets of wheels, that is, it has a big arm that can move the boxes and this arm has a claw like feature that can pick up boxes and stuff, which is very cool. But getting a little bit more unique for this set, you have this cannon vehicle that has four wheels and then it has legs the kind of stabilize the can on the ground, or at least simulate, you know, stabilizing the cannons on the ground, which is a very fun Lego play feature here, and then it has not one but two of the big lego spring letter shooting cannon piece that works extreme dreamly well. There's also a spot for one figure and you can spin it around two, so that is very cool and they actually gave you a big target for this thing to fire at. Literally a piece with a print of a target. You can fire at it with this missile on this cannon. Hit the target and it will blow up a couple of different crates. So that was a very fun playability feature. So over all, kind of a bizarre mixed bag of a set. And one thing I find extremely odd with these Alpha team sets, and I'm going to rant about here briefly now, is every set here is either a villain set or a hero set and there's no crossover between the two. There are no Alpha team sets here where you have like a cannon vehicle firing at the villains. It's just firing at R am target. There is no action in these sets. In order to have a fight you have to buy at least two sets and I find that very odd and disappointing. Now, luckily Lego does change that for the future of Alpha team. I think they realize some of their mistakes, but for this initial wave it's very bizarre to me how every single set is just completely one sided all throughout an overall. The villains here don't get much representation. They get the smallest set and the biggest set and then everything in between is all about the Alpha team. So kind of a weird mixed bag with their selection and what builds they put in which sets throughout this collection. And moving on to aforementioned biggest set from this line and the final set for today's episode of Brick Oology, we have the OGL control center. This is a fifty dollar set that had four hundred and twenty two pieces. It included the figures, of course, of Ogul, the same figure as before, and you get two different Ogle minions here, which they are very interesting and creepy figures. Basically they are half read and half black. They're torsos actually mind me a lot of the torso we get, for like Harry Potter...

...from the Goblet of fire sets. They look pretty cool. They also have spears, skeleton heads and hats and they have like weird like pauldrons going over their shoulders as well. Over all, very interesting looking figures for ogul's minions here. And the build of this set here is basically it's a base build on a base plate and it's one of those big custom molded plastic base plates that Lego never uses anymore, and it's basically like an evil version of like Kate Canaveral or any NASA base that were a rocket would launch off. It's very interesting. It has an entrance with printed water off to the side and nothing really goes there, but I'm guessing you could probably take the small set here and have a go up the water. That could definitely work out. It has a big tower at the back that has a skull decoration and actually if you move the skull wall it opens up a trap door. These little skull bombs will fall through the trapdoor and there is a moving walkway piece that has like a shovel crate that can grab the skull bombs and then load them onto the rockets. So a pretty cool little train of events, kind of reminiscent of like a bigger power miners set from that way when I talked about on a brick oology last year. So pretty interesting playability feature. And finally, of course, the main build here is the rocket shuttle. Basically this build here is like a combination of a space shuttle and a rocket. It's a rocket because it has the big engines of the bottom and it is lounging itself into space, but it's definitely the shape of a space shuttle, but in real life space shuttles need like big rockets to get into space. So leto kind of combined the two here, but of course it's fiction, so we can let it slide, and it does. You the extreme cockpit piece here in transparent red, so this way gave us the extreme cockpit and transparent red and in transparent blue, which I think is pretty cool. The Middle Section here opens up like a space shuttle. There's not much inside there, but plenty of room to store stuff, which I do like. In the back has a couple of small compartments to store other things as well. So overall, a pretty cool looking build, a fun play set. Again, I wish there were some conflict in this set, but I definitely this is probably the best set of the wave, and appears that my fans and instagram agree with me, voting this as the best Lego Alpha team set. And that is it for Lego Alpha team's first year. and honestly, if I don't sound super enthusiastic here one it's because I'm tired, but to it's because, if I'm being completely honest with y'all, I don't think this is a great first way for Lego Alpha team. Now I'm actually going to rain about how much I love the next two waves of Lego Alpha team. They get way more unique and they have different settings and way cooler vehicles and much more action. And I love Lego Alpha team underwater and the kind of icee like a Alpha team sub themes that they create in the future. But this first wave is definitely, in my opinion, the worst wave of Lego Alpha team. You'll just have to wait until next season of Ology to discover why I like those other waves of Alpha team a lot more. But thank you so much again for listening to this week's episode of brick alogy. I hope you learned something. I hope you enjoyed the episode overall and I'm glad I was able to get this episode up as quickly as possible. Look out for that hidden side Halloween special coming very soon. The eternals episode will come soon as well. Stay tuned for the future brick ology. A lot of fun stuff is happening here. Have a blessed rest of your day, week, month, whatever it is for you. God blessed. Peace sounds, but by.

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