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LEGO Bionicle (2002)


In the follow-up to the 50th episode special of Brickology, LegoLee revisits the world of Mata Nui with LEGO Bionicle, this time going through the year 2002 that featured the iconic villains the Bohrok and the second generation of Toha in the Toha Nuva. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whenever, wherever it is for you. Thank you so much making me a part of your day. My name is Lee Palm. My know me as Lego Lee or Lego Lee. Three, two, nine, from facebook, instagram, twitter, Youtube, Patren, you name it, I'm all over the Internet and this is the brick Ology podcast, the study of small plastic bricks. How are you doing today? I sincerely hope you're having an absolutely fantastic day and if you're a longtime listener brick Ology, you might be scratching your head right about now. And Wow, that was the world's loudest car or motorcycle. I have no idea. I'm not even that close to the road, but it completely interrupted my recording. Great start to the episode today. But, like I was saying, if you are a longtime listener of the PODCAST, you're probably a little bit confused because I upload an episode last week, literally like a week ago, and now I'm doing another one and it's been like three plus months maybe since the last time I did backtoback episodes of brick ology and consecutive weeks. So congratulations, y'all, or conjuctions to me at least, give myself a huge pat on the back. I'm doing backtoback episodes of brick oology, not even bi weekly, this is just weekly and I'm very excited about that. However, don't get too excited. I can go ahead and guarantee you there will not be a new episode of brick oology next week because its upcoming. Wee Can I am going to New York City Comic Con, which I am super excited about. So content probably won't be coming out super city for the next week on brick ology or any of my respective channels. I'm going to be Hella busy at New York Comic Con, but without further ado. Honestly, let's not beat around the Bush anymore. No more ideally, darling, no more apologizing. I'm just going to do some shameless plugs where you can find me online and we'll jump into this week's episode of brick ecology. So first shameless plugs. Go find it like a lie online. You can find me on Facebook, like my facebook page. Maybe you follow me on Instagram, follow me on twitter, subscribe to my youtube channel or consider becoming a patreon supporter. Any donation like one buck a month goes a long way for getting more content like this. Additionally, I have some other podcast you guys can go check out. I have the very manly muppet show where, shocker, I talked about the muppets with a buddy of mine. Super Fun podcast. Additionally, I have the are you not podcast, where I review new movies, TV shows and sometimes music. I recently reviewed Vanhom let there be carnage, so go check that out as well. All Right, pretty quick into today. Besides that weird motorcycle interruption, let's dive in and talk about this big topic for brick ology season six, and it is bionical. Two Thousand and two now. For some odd reason it took me a while to actually start talking about bionicle here on brick ology. I actually saved my first bionical episode for the Brick Ology fifty episode special, and in that episode I announced that bionicle was going to be a new miniseries within brick ology. For those of y'all who don't know exactly what that means in particular, basically I have a number of running series throughout brick ology where I do one or two episodes on that theme a month. So Marvel and in a number of marvel episodes in the past few weeks of brick ology. I also have Ninjago Adventures, which I'm actually going to complete my adventures miniseries this season on brick oology, Harry Potter, and then, of course I also have star wars, where I've done two episodes about Lego Star Wars every single season of brick...

...ology, and now bionicle will join the fold. I'll be doing one episode about bionical every single season here on brick Ology, and the way I'm going to do it is very simple. It's just going to be by year. There's not really an easier way for me to do it because for the most part bionicle and the year they came out they always seem to line up perfectly where it's like one year bionicle. So two thousand and one bionicle is one complete story. Two Thousand and nine bionicle is like one complete story. So it actually makes my job a little bit easier for sorting out bionicle. So of course the first bile episode we did was on the first year of bionicle in two thousand and one. So today's episode is bionical two thousand and two. And if you want to get more context about Lego bionicle and some of my personal attachment to it, kind of how the theme got incepted, how it actually kind of helps save Lego from bankruptcy and the importance of the theme and some more specific plot details for bionical in general. Go check out that first bionicle episode of Brick Ology. It's pretty hard to miss because it's the only episode titled The brickology Fifty Episode Special About bionical two thousand and one, and all of that will give more context to what I'm talking about here today for bionical two thousand and two. Now, don't worry, I'm not just going to give zero context for all of these bionical two thousand and two sets. I will be alluding to specific story and plot details that are specific to two thousand and two bionicle. So there will be some context there. Just if you want more context, check out that other bioc episode or brick Ology for some additional detail. So further ado, let's jump in and talk about the two thousand and two by bionicle sets and buckle up, because there's a lot of them. Like a really pumped out these sets hard back in the day. So I think everybody wants to hear about with every single way of a bionicle is what Toa are there? Who are the TOA from this wave? So bionicle two thousand and two started off with the Toa Nouva, who are essentially upgraded versions of the Toa from two thousand and one, and the reason they became the Toe Anuva is the get all these upgrades after defeating the bow rock. So I'm actually going to make y'all wait to hear about the Tonwa here for just a bit because they don't become the to Anuva until they defeat the bow rock and technically these sets came out after the bow rocks. So we're going to know chronological with release and based off the bionical story, and talk about the bow rock villains of this year before talking about the elusive to Anuva. So stay tuned towards later in the episode and you will get your Toa Nuva fix. So talking about the bow rock first, these are the bad guys, essentially for this year of bionicle. Now, the first year bionicle, the bad guys were a little bit different than pretty much every other year of bionicle in the first year, for two thousand and one, we had the Rahi. Those were bigger, technic based sets that weren't really the same as bioticle. Two Thousand and two onward bad guys became a lot small all our sets. They became canister sets like their TOA counterpart, which I think was a very good call and good on Lego for doing that. Now one thing I don't love about a lot of biotical villain sets from two thousand and two pretty much all the way up until maybe two thousand and seven, is they're all usually like a hive mind kind of thing where you have hordes of the bow rock or the rock sheet or other various characters and they all look very similar. So when I talk about the bow rock here, I'll explain kind of the basic build for the bow rock with one set and then the rest of the sets literally just assume it's the exact same style of... and less I specify some other little differences. So the creativity isn't all there for all the individual designs, but the one kind of base design is very cool and unique. But before we talk about the actual lego build for the bow rocks, let's give some of the history in story lines behind what these creatures are in the biotical universe. So, like I said, they're kind of a hive mind swarming insect creature, but of course it also is bionical. So technically they are not actually alive. The thing that is controlling them that is alive is called the CHRONA. It's this weird little rubber mask piece that goes kind of inside like the skull of the Bow Rock, and they have these transparent dome head pieces where we can see the chrown up peeking out. Now this maskpiece can actually attach itself to the base headpiece that we see on tow of figures, which is kind of creepy and cool. A kind of reminds me of like face huggers from the alien franchise, and Lego has done other things like this throughout their years, like an alien conquest. They had kind of a face hugger allusion as well, and I talked about that on an episode of Brick Ology a couple of seasons ago. But, like I said, you can attach these pieces to the faces of Towa. Now you have to remove the mask, but actually the bow rock themselves basically are designed to knock the mass off of these characters and then attach their chrona onto them, because their skull thing can open up and kind of launch the krona itself. It's very interesting. And the Bow Rock, like I said, they swarm. They also roll up into balls, kind of like Rollie polly's or something, and roll around. So a very interesting and unique set of villains. Now there are the bow rock and then there's the bow rock va, who are kind of underneath the bow rock. They're like the peasants that serve the bow rock themselves. And then the bow rock are part of this hive, which means there's obviously going to be a queen, like there is with bees, or in this case there are two Queens, the book Queens, and we'll talk about all of these sets. So let's jump in and talk about the bow rock themselves. All of these bow rock names sound very similar. They all kind of sound like the word bow rock combined with the name of their counterpart. TOA So pohat's counterpart Bow Rock is paw rock, and all the names are going to be very similar in that regard. Not Pot rock here was an eight dollar set with forty one pieces. Remembered those two numbers. Like I said, these builds are almost all identical. So every single bow rock set is eight dollars with forty one pieces. Obviously there are no figures included with this set. And Pat Rock here is the stone bow rock. His colors are the same as Pohat to. That is the same thing for all of these elemental creatures. They do line up with the toe of themselves. So his colors here are Brown as the base color and then ten as the accent color, and then each bow rock has their unique color for their eyes and the Krana underneath the bow rock eyepiece, which is still used today and Lego set, is transparent and this case is a transparent green, like a very bright roll green color, and then the Kurana is a rubbery piece that is not transparent, is opaque, but it is the you know, normal version of the green. Those will always line up with each of the bow rock and I'm going to explain kind of the build of Pat Rock here and then you can take all I say about pot rock in a ply that to the rest of the other bow rock from this collection. So basically they are these weird round home shaped bug creatures. They have these big eyes and teeth that look very buggy, which is cool, and then they have small arms and legs to do have nice ball joint articulation, but the particular pieces they use for the arms and legs are very half circle looking. They're kind of semicircle crescent looking pieces, and the reason for that... of arty, kind of alluded to. This is essentially the bow rock themselves can be folded up into a ball shape. It kind of reminds me of a Boku Gun. Now there is no fancy feature to do this. You essentially just have to kind of like a transformer, take all the ball joints and folded up yourself. I wish there were some kind of mechanism where you pressed a button and for some reason it's sprung forward, kind of like the aforementioned Baka Gune. Unfortunately, that is not really what happens here, but it is still a very cool playability feature. And they have these arms with a custom weapon on the end, which these weapons are referred to canonically as shield and it helps them channel the power of their elements. So for this guy in particular, he has basically a weapon that kind of looks like three claws for digging and apparently this Earth Shield that he has can cause earthquakes and destroy stone. So that is pretty cool. And, like I said, you can fold the bow rock up into balls, and a cool thing about that is there is actually kind of like a dongle on the end of the lid for the canister and that said piece could connect to the back of the bow rocket. Had A few little slits you could slide in and connect it and then you could put the canister laid and screw it back on the canister. With the bow rock in its ball state. It would fit perfectly back in the canister. It was super easy and very effective and I missed that. Man. I wish like it would do more interesting packaging like the canisters for bionicle. It was super creative and fun and unfortunately we just never get anything of that sort from Lego these days. Very, very cool. So I really enjoyed all of that. And as for the playability functions here, there is no gear mechanism to make their arms karate chop, but there is a gear mechanism to make their head essentially kind of go out. It kind of reminds me of a chicken. It always made me think of a chicken, kind of like PROPERCA. It's a very weird head playability feature, but you basically pull a trigger on the back of the bow rock and the head will kind of lunge forward and this is how you're supposed to knock off the mask of a Toa. And if you loosen kind of the Dome piece, it will also open that up and launch the Kurana itself. Now, obviously you're not going to physically be able to launch the krona and get to land on a TOA's face without using your hands as assistance, but it was still a pretty cool representation of this feature and overall I think the bow rock. Esthetically they look okay. They're not my favorite villains, they're not super threatening looking, but I do think playability wise, ability to roll up store in the canister and the weird chicken feature, all that stuff combined makes these things very, very fun and very cool to fight with your toe, which I definitely did back in the day when I got these sets. So really interesting stuff with the bow rock here. Now for the Bow Rock Va. I'm going to talk about each respective boat rock vas and their counterpart. So Pat Rock va here was a three dollar set with twenty seven pieces and, like I already kind of mentioned, the Va are basically the peasants of the bow rock world. They do the dirty work for the bow rock and the designs are very similar to that of the Taraga from two thousand and one. Very similar body shapes, no ball joints for articulation, all kind of like pin connections. Definitely an interesting sort of thing. And a lot of them actually have weapons cross over with the TARROCC and I all them do, and I'll talk about each weapon for all of these characters, but this case he does. Had the same ove in the Taraca from two thousand and one head, which was kind of like a hammer piece and Tan. It looks pretty cool. As for the heads here, they were built basically using those same bow rock eyes. I believe the heads did actually have one ball joint, so that gave the head some interesting articulation, but besides that, no ball...

...joints on these designs. And as atually for the shape of the head, they actually use the same shield piece as kind of the Dome for the head of these characters. Very odd and very interesting but also pretty cool. And finally, they all have backpacks on the back are there are the same piece inside the skulls for the normal bow rock that stored the CHRONA. So these characters can store those said chrona on their back, but it's completely exposed. But I do believe you also could launch them off their back as well. So actually a lot going on for a small three dollars, sub thirty piece bionical figure, but yet again very repetitive build. So I won't reiterate all these details for the rest of the pope bow rock va, but I'll talk about the specific things that separate all of them throughout this episode. Our next bow rock here is new VAC who, of course, is the counterpart to Onua and, fun fact, this is the only one that does not begin with the exact same letter. It's not a new vaca, it's just new VACA. And of course Ouah begins with an Oh, so that's very interesting. Obviously, eight dollars, forty one pieces. He is the bow rock of earth. His colors again the same as Ohnewa. They are black and dark gray as an accent, and the eyes here are kind of a neon green, which looks pretty cool, and the shield piece here kind of looks like to hammer as drills and they refer to as the Earth Shields, which looks pretty neat. As for new VAC VA, it is a three dollar set, what twenty six pieces and actually, going back to the anewa connections, this particular bow rock of Bah used ohnew as cloth pieces from two thousand and one as its weapons here, and I think it looks pretty cool over all. However, the cloth pieces are definitely designed for a slightly bigger figure, so they look a little bit oversize with this character, but that is new Vaca from the bow rock here. Moving onto the bow rock of water, we have gotlock, obviously the counterpart two Gali, eight dollars, forty one pieces. Yet again, the colors here are blue and light blue. That was to be expected, and the eyes here are transparent orange, the course, the chronic being an opaque orange, and I love the color combination of orangine blue. My football team, the DINVER Broncos, where orangine blue. It's a fantastic color combination and I think it gives some great contrast for the eyes. This character definitely one of the better ones looking esthetically. As for the water shield pieces, here it has a very distinct look to them. And these shield pieces here honestly in my opinion, look very aquatic and I like the design of them quite a bit. And of course it does help this character control the elements of water, which is pretty cool. As for Gotlock Vax, a three dollar set with twenty six pieces this time around, and the weapon, kind of like the last one, uses golly's hook piece from two thousand and one, but yet again that hook piece was made for a bigger figure, so it looks a little bit comically oversize with this smaller figure here. Moving on to the bow rock of fire, we have tonnoch obviously the counterpart to the legendary Tahoo. It's an eight dollar, forty one piece set. Yet again, the colors here go surprise, are red and orange, and I think the I am Kryo choices for this one are probably the strangest, in my opinion, of this collection. It's blue, it's just straight up blue. In Blue and red is a good color combination, obviously, like red, white and blue is the American flag, but for some reason there's so much orange and red with this figure that the blues stands out to me a little bit like a sore thumb. I was never a humongous fan of this colored choice, so that's a little bit odd if you ask me. But he does have the Fire Shield here, which,...

...our chorus, has a nice flame design on it, and apparently the fire shields can melt through anything, which definitely can come in handy and battle circumstances. As for tonnock va, same exact weapon piece as Akama the Taraga from the last line, and he is a three dollar twenty seven piece set. Moving on to lay Vak, who is the bow rock of not are. Unlike Leiwah who, of course, is the Toa of air, this bow rock is the only bow rock of the six that does not have an elemental power. Why I have absolutely no clue. There is literally no explanation for this. He just straight up does not have an elemental power. I kind of feel bad for this dude. Now he does have the power of acid. He is the bow rock of acid, so that's interesting. But it's very odd to me they just decide to have like a weird oddbald, dark horse black sheep bout rock here that's completely different from the rest of them. In turns of the elemental power, as the colors here, same as Leywagreen with an accent of Lime Green, and the eyes here are red. Red Looks really great with Green, kind of a Christmas e color. I do like that quite a bit. As for the shield here, the shield doesn't really function as a shield. It's very open in the middle. They look more like claws to me, but definitely a cool looking design and it is referred to as the shield of acid. Shocker, and of course this shield of acid can actually shoot out acid, which is pretty cool canonically. Now Lay Vok va here is a three dollar twenty eight piece set. None of them have twenty nine pieces. Come on, leg you couldn't have given just one more piece when these charters? So we have a three dollar twenty nine piece set. I would have loved that. But Lay Vok va here uses the Ninja a swords the Katana pieces from the S Lego Ninja sets as the weapons, a minifigure accessory. You've heard that correctly. It's literally a minifigure accessory piece. It looks so weird to me. It just it doesn't work in my opinion. I'm not a big fan of this weapon choice and it's kind of the opposite because these are made for mini figures, and these things are good bit bigger than mini figures. So while the other characters had oversize weapons, this one's the opposite end of the spectrum and has undersized weapons and, my opinion, very strange and confusing choice from Lego. I'm not really sure what they were thinking about. They're now moving on to the next bow rock. Here we have car rock, who is an eight dollar forty one piece set. He is the bow rock of ice, and I mentioned this in my last episode and I'm probably going to mention in every single bionicle episode for the rest of the time. I love the ice characters. For some reason I just love the icy theme of the Towa and the villains. So of course this is going to be one of my personal favorite characters here. His colors, like COPACA, are white with an accent of light gray, and his eyes here and Krana are in light blue. I think light blue goes really well with white to give kind of a cool icee esthetic, and Lego has done that many a times in the future for other bionical and some hero factory sets as well. So over, are all very cool in my opinion. And as for the shields, here, they look kind of like sobblades, but they don't function like sablades. Apparently they just freeze things. So I'm not really sure what's going on here. It looks like it would actually cut through ice, but apparently it does the opposite and just makes more ice. Kind of weird, weird inconsistencies with the shields here, but they still look pretty cool. And finally, for Co Rock, we have co Rock Vas, who's a three dollar twenty eight piece set. So close to that twenty nine pieces. The weapons are actually the teeth pieces on the bigger bow rock which I guess you're supposed to be like small pick axes. Again,...

...just too small. It looks weird interesting. I think Lego just design some of these bow rock Vah very oddly in my opinion. And that is it for all the bow rock and the bow rock vaul. All twelve of those sets we have covered. But of course there is one more important bow rock set to talk about, in that are the bow rock queens themselves. We have Kadak and God doc. This was a sixty dollar set with six hundred and thirty six pieces, very similar to the Rah he's sets from two thousand and one. These builds are big and they are technic base. They don't really fit in with the other builds for bionical and you get two different creatures here, which was a consistent thing throughout all the rocky sets at as well. One is red, one is blue and they look like these weird, deranged t rex has. I honestly don't think they look all that good and pretty much the entire build is centered around one key playability function, that is a gear mechanism to make their pretty much their entire neck and head chomp to try and remove a mask from a towah cool playbility feature. Not The best looking build and I actually never got this set. Are Hardly got any of the racky. They're definitely my least fair of Bonical sets. Something about that. It doesn't really appeal to me. So interesting bow rock queens, but over all the bow rock very interesting villains and I think that they are not my favorite. I think buncle's definitely done some better villains, but they have some great playability function and some interesting back stories behind them. And before we can move on and talk about the Towa Mova themselves, there's a couple of kind of extra sets from this year we're going to talk about here first. So our first extra set here is called the box or vehicle. It was a fifteen dollar set with one hundred and fifty seven pieces. I remember getting this set as any brainy in like two thousand and two. Does anybody else remembers any brainy that? Don't know if anybody is aware of that store, but there was one back in the day that I believe it's now like a golf galaxy or a baby and beyond or something. I've no idea. It's become like a number of different stores throughout the years, but it used to be, as any brainy, really fun to toy store and definitely got this set there. And this set in particular is essentially a Mech for a Maturan and the Matauran is the same kind of design that we saw with the Maturan from the McDonald sets back in two thousand and one. Unfortunately there were no interesting McDonald sets this year for Lego bionical. But overall it's kind of sick and oddly enough, canonically in the story it is made from pieces of a bow rock. They actually took a a gotlock Bo rock and turned it into this Mech to fight the bow rock and it has these punching features to fight the bow rock themselves. So overall, pretty cool looking set. And the Maturian side is actually pretty cool as well. He is black gray and his mask is a new as mask from Jin one, but an orange. Overall, a pretty cool set that I liked quite a bit. And the one other set before we can get to the main attraction here is the EXO Toa. This was a thirty dollar set with three hundred and seventy eight pieces and it's a very literal name. It pretty much is exactly what it sounds like. It is an exo suit for a TOA and you could fit a toa inside. No TOA was included, but you could fit a toa inside. Not gonna lie, it's not the best looking build. It's very technically and Chunky and kind of a cord but I love the concept and it does have a missile for an arm, so interesting stuff. I never got this set, so I can't speak to how good the playability functions are, but a cool concept for sure. So that's the EXO Toba. And speaking of...

Towa, we can finally transition and talk about the TOA nouva themselves. A weird thing. When I was writing the script for this episode, I actually for some reason, was under the impression that to a Nouva were released in two thousand and three. I kind of associated them with the release of the mask of light movie. That's actually not true. The Tone Mova were released in two thousand and two and we got the rocks sheet and actually in their wave of bow rock sets in two thousand and three. They'll be sure to talk about next season on the two thousand and three episode of Brick Ology, but that means of course we get to talk about the towanuva themselves this week on brick ology and I am really excited. So we have AWA NOUVA and basically kind of like a different the bow rock. I'm going to explain the differences with the Toe Nouva here, with the first one, and then you can take all those details and apply them to the rest of the Towaneuva from this wave. So a new Nova here is eight dollars with forty one pieces. Sound familiar? Yes, it's the exact same price and part count of every single bow rock. Thankfully, that's just a weird coincidence with this figure. The rest of these characters do have variations in peace count. So basically a no one nuva, if you didn't listen to the last episode, all of the Towa retain their color schemes. Already mentioned those color schemes with the individual bow rock. So a Neewa here is black and dark gray and he still has a hunch. Anwa is known for his kind of hunchback look, which is pretty cool. But all of the Toa Nuva here, they have similar designs to the virgins from two thousand and one, but they have these upgraded armor pieces added onto them. So the armor piece here for Anewa here, basically you get a chess piece armor that fits perfectly on that two thousand and one torso and then you have a couple of shoulder pads that go perfectly onto the hand pieces that use ru on the shoulders as well. It all looks great. It's done very, very nicely. I like that quite a bit. Now I do think the silver blends in interestingly with some of the different characters. It looks really good on certain characters and then I look at others and I'm like, maybe silver wasn't the greatest colored choice if you ask me. Now this character here has longer leg pieces too that make him look little bit smoother or makes all these caregures a little bit taller, which I do approve of, speaking of a piece being a little bit bigger than last time. All of their masks are a little bit bigger, look a little bit more organic and less bionic, and I don't love the Toa new of the Max. I honestly think most of them look a little bit worse than their counterparts from the original line of Towa and two thousand and one, but they don't look bad overall besides, like one in particular that I really do not like. As for weapons, all of them now have silver weapons and their weapons have been upgraded from the last time we saw them. So new was original weapons, like I said, were those claws, but now he has these saw blade swords, really cool looking piece kind of chainsaw ask. But at the same time, as you can see on the packaging for this character, he can put those on his feet and basically use them as like roller skates ish or like skis to kind of maneuver his way through the Earth. Very Cool Moto transportation, and most of these characters actually have an additional mode of getting around faster than normal that I find very interesting and fun. So that is Oua Nouva. Next up here is Lewe Nouva, and my neighbors just started playing something super loud. I'm trying to record a podcast down here. Please quiet down. Let's talk about Leywa Nouva and eight dollar, thirty seven pieces, not forty one, thank God, sets and this guy here is green and lime green yet again and of course has the silver armor.

As for his weapons, this time around he trades in that very cool axe forard these Micheti esque swords. That I do think the swords look pretty cool, but unfortunately the special feature here isn't really a transformation. Essentially, what Lego tells you to do is just put these sword blades on his hips and it kind of makes wings for him to glide. Now. Makes sense that he would glide or fly, because he is the Toa of air after all, and it does look pretty cool, but I wish there was a slightly more interesting way to do this rather than just having him put them on his hips. It's a very underwhelming transformation, if you ask me. But moving on from Lewa to Poh to is an eight dollar forty piece set, who is Brown and Tane again with the silver armor. I really don't think silver looks great M Brown and Tan. It definitely sticks out a good bit. And like the last Pohat to figure, who is an inverse where essentially they pay the Tarso piece and flip it upside down, they did the same thing here and he has the same extra feet pieces to kick the Rock, although there is no rock included with this set, and this time they are in silver instead of being in Tan, which looks interesting. And one cool thing about this character in particular, unlike the last version, as they actually give him a claw piece. The last one has had that weird like technic looking claw sort of thing. This one actually has a very cool clock piece that you can simulate him kind of like swinging through can unions with it. It looks pretty cool, but I do wish a rock, a ball, was included with this and I also think the mask of this character is stupid. It looks so weird and ugly and awkward in my opinion. And also the armor pieces were obviously designed for the torso facing the right direction, so putting them on a figure with this shape looks a little bit awkward. It's not horrible, but it's definitely not great. So kind of weird with the design for the torso. Here, moving onto our toe Anuva of water, we have Golli Nouva, who is an eight dollar forty four piece set, the highest piece count of any of these characters. Golly here, of course, is blue and light blue with silver armor, and I think silver looks really good with the blue. Definitely one of these smoother color schemes. And, of course, yet again, Golli is the only female Toba of the entire bunch, and the weapons she has here are weird looking hook things, I don't really know how to describe them, that kind of look like anchors if you ask me, and she can hold them. However, they also connect on to her feet and kind of act as flippers, which is different and fun, and she is given propeller pieces on the ends of her hands to help her swim effectively through the water. Kind of bizarre if you ask me, but the same time it's also kind of dope. So I like Goali yet again, and I think her mask is one of the better looking masks. However, unfortunately it's not transparent the two thousand and one goalie figure had a beautiful transparent blue mask and this one just has a normal opaque blue mass. So kind of a let down with the lack of a transparent mask for this figure. Moving on to Kopaca NOUVA. Obviously I've already said that I love the ice characters from bionicle, so I have a soft spot for this guy in particular. He is an eight dollar forty two piece set, so one of the higher piece counts of this wave. His colors again are white and light gray and then of course these silver armor which, honestly, the silver armor blends in with the gray and looks very natural. So one of the better color schemes for all of these towanuva and he also again, like the last figure, has a shield once again, but the last one use kind of that weird radar dish as a bunch of holes in it.

This one uses a completely sealed through dish piece, which is a much better option for a shield. I do really like that. And he is given to ice sorts as well, which look pretty cool, but of course you can put them on his feet and they essentially become kind of like ice skates or skis and they look very cool and make for some great playability functions with this character. So overall, Kapaka is a win yet again. Definitely my favorite Toa of this collection. And his mask. Yeah, it's bigger and looks a little bit more ridiculous, but it still has the kind of like scope eyes. So overall, I still love the Toa of ice here. And last but not least for the toe, Anuva is the main guy himself, the icon of the original first few years of bionical, and that, of course, is Tahoo Nouva. He is an eight dollar, thirty six piece set, so oddly enough he actually has the least on the pieces of any of these sets. Of course, he is read with an accent of Orange and has the silver armor, and I just don't think the silver and red blend super well together, especially how bright the red is here. Not My favorite Combo. Now his weapon here is essentially an upgrade of his weapon from two thousand and one. He has a fire sword once again, but this time it's bigger and better and in silver, and it looks very cool. And of course you can put it on his feet and he can surf on lava with his fire sword probably the most predictable play feature if you've been listening to this episode of Brick Ology and know anything about Lego bionicle. So all very cool stuff, and I think his mask looks pretty good when the better looking mass of this collection. Overall, and wrapping up the to Anuva, I like them. They have some interesting and fun playability features. I like the armor. It makes them beefier and more interesting. However, I think it would have been interesting if the armor was not silver and maybe just colored specifically for the respective Toa. I would love to see what that could have looked like, because I think sometimes the silver armor is a little bit odd if you ask me. But overall I like these characters and I have tons of nostalgia for the Towa Nuva themselves. And that is all she wrote for bionical two thousand and two. I'm going to apologize. I don't know what the heck is going on in my apartment. There's been helicopters just flying around everywhere. It is super lowed today. Hopefully I can do some adobe editing magic to get rid of that. But thank you all so much for listening to this week's episode of Brick Ology. I'm hoping to have another episode in a couple of weeks. I'll probably end up being more like three weeks, but I'm glad I was able to do backtoback weeks here, at least on occasion. Very excited about that and tell me what you guys think about this episode. Also, follow me on spotifire subscribe Apple podcast. If you're listening at Apple Podcast, please write this podcast out of five stars and write a review. Send me DMS on Instagram give me feedback about brick oology. I really appreciate hearing everybody's thoughts on the show. Have a fantastic rest of your day, week, month, whatever it is for you. Peace Out. God bless but by.

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