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LEGO Raya and the Last Dragon


In honor of its recent release in theaters and on Disney+, LegoLee disects the Raya and the Last Dragon line from LEGO and articulates all the interesting parts and pieces that make up the minidoll theme. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whenever wherever you're listening. Thank you so much making me a part of your day. My name is Lee Party might know me as Lego Lee or Lego lead. Three, two, nine, from facebook, instagram, twitter, Youtube page, training name it, I'm all over the Internet and this is the brick Ology podcast, the study of small plastic bricks. How are you doing today? I really hope you're having just a fantastic day and I'm really excited for today's episode of Brick Ology. This is episode number forty four. Now, every time on this show when I've had a double number it's been a QA episode, because the Qta episode was always the eleventh episode of the season. Now, last week I made a big announcement that I was making my brick I'll two seasons, no longer ten episodes but thirteen episodes each. So this is still technically the eleventh episode of Season Four, but we have two more episodes to go and then the season Kapper of the Qa at the end of the season. So I'm a little bit disappointed that qas are never again going to be a perfectly sorted by the double number episodes. I did love that beautiful symmetry between all of the QA episodes. But I'm super excited that these new seasons are going to be thirteen episodes each, so get ready for all that. We have two more episodes after this one. In particular, next week will be the Harry Potter episode that will come out every single season, and then we'll have a fanboate episode for the thirteen episode of this season and then the aforementioned Qa so lots to look forward to on brick ology. Also, before I say anything else about today's episode, I got a big announcement and a humongous shameless plug. I always shamelessly plug myself at the beginning of each of these episodes. But guys, I have a big announcement. I made a new podcast and this is a podcast that I'm extremely excited about and it's one that I think you will be excited about too, because it's going to relate to Lego a lot. The name of my new podcast is called are you not, dot dot dot question mark, and I'll explain the show very briefly. Essentially, are you not as going to be a topical entertainment and Pop Culture Podcast. So over there I'm going to talk about things that are like happening right now. So, for example, the first ever episode of are you're not, I reviewed one division, which is ended a couple of weeks ago and I recapped the most recent Grammy's award show ceremony, which happened like a few days ago. It's very topical, very up to date and hopefully will be one episode a week. You can stream are you not on spotify and apple podcast you can follow all those platforms. was also an instagram for the podcast as well. And one thing is the first episode of are you not is actually going to tie in with the topic on brick ology today. So I won't say it's acting why for a couple of minutes, but you'll learn why here and just a second. But so, basically, to get more context to brick ology today, you should go stream the episode of are not. I know that's a very, very shameless plug on my part, but I'm proud of this podcast. I think you guys are going to like it. So check it out on Instagram, spotify and apple podcasts and of course, I myself leg a lie. I'm also on other platforms as Lego lie. You can follow me on Instagram, like my facebook page, follow me on twitter, subscribe to my Youtube Channel, maybe consider becoming a patreon supporter. And I additionally have another podcast called the very manly muppet show that it hosts with a friend from college. That podcast will be kind of inconsistent and it's posting times because I have to get together with said friend to record that podcast. So I'm not really sure when the next episode of that one will be, but there is a very fun episode of that podcast out right now.

Okay, shameless plugs and really just bragging about how great I am a podcasting out of the way, let's jump into this week's topic of Brick Ology, which is Lego, Riya and the last dragon man. It's been a while since I discussed anything new for Lego on brick ology. Pretty much all of the episodes I've done in the past few months or so I've been talking about old to vintage lego themes, but today we're going to be talking about a brand new lego theme, and this episode is actually a brick ology first. The reason it's a brick alge first because this is the first time I am talking about a mini doll theme, not a mini figure theme, and many doll theme now, for those of you who might not be completely aware of what I'm talking about, a mini doll theme is usually a theme that's targeted more towards girls, little girls, whereas many figures are targeted more towards boys. Many dolls kind of have that Barbie doll shape where they're extremely thin and tall and have long legs, and personally I don't like many dolls because I think many dolls set a bad example for young women with body issues. I just really think that is not a healthy thing for Lego to do. But clearly it works, I guess to an extent, because lego fences almost been going on for a decade now. They have Disney princess and they've made a number of other mini doll themes, and this is the first time I'm ever going to be talking about a mini doll theme in particular. Now don't get used to it, because I'm probably not going to do too many other episodes about mini doll themes. I wanted to do this one to tie in with my episode of are you not and because the movie just came out. I'm also I would go ahead and say this is probably my favorite single wave of mini doll theme sets. Ever, these are actually very, very good sets and I'm excited to talk about them today. Now, I have done Disney's themes in the past. A Lone Ranger and I did lots of pirates of the Caribbean sets. I also did Prince of Persia fairly recently, so I'm not new to Disney and I did toy story of one of the first few episodes of brick. I'll do you ever, but I believe this is the first time I'm talking about a Disney animated theme and it's entirety. And as for the movie itself, I saw the movie theaters and I really like the movie. But this is where my shame, let's plug comes in. If you want to hear my full thoughts, my full review of the film, stream the are you not podcast. I go and death of my review over there. It's like a fifteen minute segment on that podcast. So if you want to learn more about what I thought about this said film, check out that podcast. So, without further ado, let's jump in and talk about the Lego riot and the last dragon sets themselves. The first set we're going to talk about here is called Rya and the ongy know this set is a polybag, and the reason I'm actually mentioning this Polyvalus, because sometimes I omit talking about polybackstone themes, is because there's only three other sets, so I definitely have some extra time to talk about this polybag. Now, polybags approximately these days cost about five dollars for hunting, nine depends on the location, but usually about five dollars. And this one has forty eight pieces, so nearly a perfect price to part ratio. As for the figures included with this set or the mini dolls included with this set, you get Riya, the titular character of this movie, and this is the Chi pepest way to get Riya, and this figure also appears in another set from this line. Now Riya has some really awesome new mold there's a brand new mold for her hairpiece, which is also dual molded with a straw hat, and it looks really fantastic, and she also has a brand new mold for her sword. Her Sword was pretty dope in the movie, I gotta say so myself, and I think like I did a good job molding that piece here. So some awesome new pieces for Riya. You also get a brand new piece for the Ongi. Now the Ongi is this monkey like creature. The creatures in Rhina last dragon are very similar to real world creatures, the kind of how like...

Avatar, the last airbender combines different creatures from the real world. Right in the last dragon does a similar thing. So the Ongie is a strange monkey like creature that was very cute in the thumb. There's actually three different versions with very distinct shapes. This one is the smallest version, so this is not exclusive to this set. It comes into letters set. The other two Ongie are exclusive the other set that'll talk about here in just a minute. It's a very cute mold and really nice to get in a small set like this. As for the build of this set, it is a small piece of the heart palace. Now the heart palace is the biggest set from this line that will talk about towards the end of two days episode. And heart is also a region from Koumandra and riot in the last dragon has very cool architecture. They really got creative on the architecture here. It very much so reminds me of like Indian architecture, but also has lots of Asian influences. Like Chinese, maybe Vietnamese as well. It's a really cool combination of lots of different Asian cultures and I think it looks super cool. Also included with this set is the macguffin of the film, the ORB, and they use the mysterio head piece that has that kind of like metallicky, shiny, glittering milky texture and color to it. That's a really cool to use that piece as the ORB. I think that was a great part use as the cheapest way to get that ORB in this theme. And other than that, you have a small little thing that covers the orb with some cool architectural details. There's a plant off to the side, one thing they used for plants, and this is actually the coral piece that was introduced with Lego friends and also seen in Lego city. It looks kind of out of place it because it's not under water, but it's still the coral piece. They add some leaves to it. Very strange part use, but it's also a cool piece to get nevertheless. So honestly, it's not a crazy build or anything, but this is a polybag and so far as polybags go, I think this is a really solid set. The next set in this line in the only Riya set I currently own is a set Riya and the Sea Sue Dragon. This is a thirty dollar set that has two hundred and sixteen pieces and, oddly enough, two hundred and sixteen pieces is like the best deal of any of these boxed riot of the last second sets very, very strange and we'll talk more about that throughout today's episode. As for the figure include with this set, it's the exact same version of riot that we saw in the polybag. So nothing unique here. However, the build of this set, the builds, I should say, are very unique, and of course you get the main dragon of the film, C sue herself, voiced by Aquafina in the movie, and this is a very, very interesting dragon build. It's brick built, which I do appreciate brick building these creatures. However, there is a very specialized, brand new mold for the head of this dragon and honestly, it looks a little bit funky. It's not my favorite. Doesn't quite look right and the way I attaches to the neck, I think it's a little bit too big and doesn't quite work. But it is triple mold and also has some printing and it features a Horn piece made of rubber and it's actually like transparent and robbery and looks super cool and has some great texture. So it's a very well molded piece. I just think it could have been a little bit smaller. This dragon design also uses some chrome vinyl ish pieces that are extremely reflective and look really cool and adults a nice shaping to the design of this gigant, especially at the end of the tail. I love the way the tail of this works. And speaking of tails, the tail, the leg and the head and the jaw all have articulation. This is a very posable brick built dragon, which is always nice to see, and I think over for all, it's a solid design. I think it could have been better. It's probably a little bit too big in comparison with the figures and the head definitely leaves something to be desired, but for the most...

...part I think it did a pretty solid job. We see sue in this set. As for the other builds of this set, they're kind of similar to this build we just talked about in the POLYBAG, but they're just a little bit bigger. They are pieces of the aforementioned Heart Palace and actually one of them can combine with the bigger heart palace set that we'll talk about at the end of today's episode. As for the builds here, one is a water fall and it has a feature to go under the water, which is a very common lego play feature. Nothing super complicated, but it works out pretty well. It has a nice transparent glittery piece for the water that uses a sticker. Honestly, the sticker kind of makes it look cheesier at Mark cartoonish. I think it would have been fine without the sticker, but it's a cool looking weather farm nevertheless. It looks pretty cool. Great Colors, great shape, nothing crazy to write him about. Very few pieces used, but I think it looks pretty good overall. As for the other build from this set, this is the part that actually connects to the heart palace, like I mentioned, and has an entrance at the front with a Nice Teal Gate piece that looks very cool. There's also some nice gold domes on top that look nice and yet again another example of the coral piece being used as a plant piece. Outside looks very strange, but they're still very cool pieces to it and, honestly, the inside of this particular set. It has a clip. It has a little fountain and some storage and it has a hidden box up top that has a gem inside that's probably supposed to be a piece of the ORB but for the most part it's a fairly underwhelming interior to this build. But it is cool that you can connect it to another set and I was actually the first person on Youtube to review this set in particular, and I'm very happy I got this set. I gave this set very high praise. It has great pieces, it has great playability features and honestly, when you build everything, that price or piece ratio starts to seem a little bit better because it's a very big design definitely worth three dollars on my opinion. I was pleasantly shocked with how much I love this set in particular. Very high praise from me. Now I don't own either of the next two sets were going to talk about because they have some pretty awful prices. And the first of those awful prices are going to talk about here is the fifty, yes as a fifty dollars set called Boon's boat. This set has two hundred and forty seven pieces meeting. This set joins the elusive and very, very infamous club of being twenty cents per piece. If you're not familiar with pressure piece, the golden ratio, the thing that people always strive for with price to part ratios, is ten cents a piece. This set is over twenty. That is bad for those of you who aren't good at math. Now we'll talk about the build with this set fairly without talking about the price here for a minute. The build of this set and obviously, of course, off with the figures. The Gate, the mini dolls of the set. You get Boone, a completely exclusive character to this set, and his printing looks pretty good so far as mini dolls go, but he does use a very generic hairpiece that I think could have been a new mold. You also get sea suit and car like. What do a second we just got CCU in the last set. Why do we have it again here? This is CSU in her human form, which is a fun little plot detail from the film, and this mini doll looks really good. She actually uses wonder woman's hair piece, which is a fantastic hairpiece in lavender, which is Super Fun to get with this set, and we've already talked about in this episode the Ongi those a little cute monkeys. You get all three of them here. One's very small, ones kind of shorter and fat than once, kind of taller and skinny. All of them look great and they're all brand new molds, which is nice to get. Now, all these figures I mentioned are great and has some cool pieces and whatnot. However, you don't get Riya Jeff I'm kind of interesting because let's say you have money for one set and you get this set. We don't get the techular character of the movie. I would definitely be let down if I were a young kid getting...

...this set. So you don't get right here, which I find weird. And you also don't get the baby of the movie. Now the baby is a very interesting kind of comedic side character that pretty much spins all her time with the mGy monkeys. So it's very odd to me the baby. It's just straight up not included in this set. That's a big oversight on legos part. Now, as for the build of this set, you get a side build of a tiny dock and this is a pretty underwhelming side build if you ask me. It features two platforms connected to each other and there's a small little simulation of a fish market. The most of the details are made literally just using one big sticker, which is pretty lame. This is a very cool town in the movie that has lots of colors and cool shapes and architecture, and I really think they could have built something cool based off those designs from the film. So the fact that we got such a small and underwhelming side build is definitely a disappointment if you ask me, especially when you consider the price of this set. Now, the main build of this set is, of course, Boon's boat, and this is an iconic thing from the movie. I love this boat in the movies and the think it's awesome that Lego decide to make a set based off this build, and I think for the most part, they did a really good job. Now, it's a little bit small, it may be a little bit thin, but there still is plenty of space for the mini figures, or mini dolls. Sorr, I'm just so used to saying mini figures that it always slips out when talking about these mini dolls. So there's not a space for the mini dolls and there's also plenty of storage for food, with some really nice food pieces and included here, which is great to see now. The pillars in the center actually use the same teal piece we saw in the last set. I love that piece, I love that color and they have some nice sticker details on them. It's just teals not really an accurate color to this boat. They honestly should have just been brown, which is very boring, but it doesn't make sense for them to be teal here. But still cool pieces to get, just not really an accurate color. But on top of that, the roof of this boat has a really cool brick built shrimp design. That is one of my favorite single details and any set of this theme. That is a fantastic design and I love seeing that top this boat. So overall I think the boat is a really solid design. I think the side build is super underwhelming. I think the figures are good, but there should have been a couple more included in the fact that this set is fifty bucks is just insane. The should be a thirty dollar set, not a fifty dollar set. And I really want this set because I like the characters and I like to build of the boat quite a bit. I just can never touched a five spending fifty bucks in the set. So I'm going to have to wait till some point for this had to go at least twenty percent off to even begin considering purchasing it. Now the final Ryan in the last track and sever we're going to talk about here is the biggest set of the line. This set retails for eighty dollars and has six hundred and ten pieces. A little bit better, but still not a very good price or piece ratio for this set. This set is Iya and the heart palace. On the figures included here, thank God, you get Ryan and she's pretty much the same figure that we saw in the other two sets we already talked about, but she does feature a Cape here, which is nice to see. Now one thing, a little complaint I have with this theme as a whole is every version of Riya as her and the Straw hat, and I love that. However, it would have been nice to get a variant of Ryot not wearing a straw hat. That would have been very simple for Lego to do, and they just traded to not include that in any of these sets. The other figures include this set you get an exclusive character with Namari, who is kind of Rya's arrival, one of the main villains from the film. She has a great new hairpiece that really is accure to the film and I'm excited to see Lego maybe use that hair piece in the future. She is very nice to get here as well. And you get took took now. Took took is the obligatory animal sidekick character that pretty much every Disney animal the movie...

...seems to have these days, and took took is an awesome new molded creature. I think you'd seriously looks great and he's a great animal in the movie. He's like a strange combination of a Rollie pollie and an Armadillo that's like a bug mammal creature, but he's also like ten feet long and can roll on the ground at very high speeds while having someone right on top of him. The very weird creature, but very creative in a really cool piece included with this set, and they do include a saddle that Rya can ride this figure on. So I really do like took took. You also get an additional creature here. I get something that Lego calls the surlot. It's a Purple Fox and honestly I don't remember the Purple Fox being in the movie. Like seriously, on the box they had the character in Amari petting this Fox. Now in the film the Maori has these big cats, but she does not have a Fox, and maybe I miss something, but I seriously I googled this and I could not find it anywhere. I have no idea why this Purple Fox is included in this set. Maybe the something from concept art that got canceled within the movie or something, because it's seriously is not in the movie to my knowledge and I could not find any more detail about it online. Very strange little thing with this set. But transitioning into talking about the build of this set itself, you get the heart palace, which has just seriously a beautiful color scheme. Teal, White, Gold Blue. Seriously, these are some of my favorite colors out there and they blend together seamlessly. It looks really appeasing to the eye. That just love the esthetic of this whole theme in general, and the movie had a great esthetic. I think like it had a great job of capturing that here. As for the main build of this set, you get the palace itself, which has awesome printed balloon pieces to make that kind of Indian TASHMA hallstyle dome. Now it is a bit of a facade because it's open from the back. I'll talk about why it's open from the back and just a second. But the front look really great and they're right huge pieces with awesome prints, which helps to justify the very expensive price of this set just a wee little bit. As for the inside, there is the orb with the water surrounding get a very important detail from the film, and then is surrounded and kind of a semicircle fashion on the side of the bunch of different little sections of a wall and each section has its own little specific detail that's a reference to a scene from the movie and lots of them can kind of spin around to have little hidden play features be revealed, which is pretty fun. Now the Dome actually can spin around and on the other side there's a small little bedroom detail for Ryle with some cute little stickers of like pictures of her and took took on the wall. Not early something we see much of in the movie, but it's a nice detail to get nevertheless. There's one section where you can actually spin the Maria around for a sneak attack, which is a reference to a detail from the film which is nice to see. You also have some storage or some swords on one section. Another section actually has a hidden section to store Ria Sword. The Middle Section actually has a table with a feast full of food, which is a cool detail as well. And finally, there is a chest included with this set that has some hidden gyms inside. Now this build is slightly confusing. If you saw the movie and saw this set, you might not be entirely sure what you're looking at. It's kind of a combination of a bunch of different scenes from the first act of this film, but those seen is don't necessarily happen all the same time in like the film or in the same place. So it feels like an amalgamation of those things, but it's not entirely accurate to one particular scene from the movie. But overall, as a toy and esthetically, I still think it looks very good, and clearly y'all did as well, because this was voted the best riot in the last dragon set, and I don't have this set, so it's...

...hard for me to say, but just based off the pictures, the pieces and figures alone, I would probably agree with this and I definitely want to get this set at some point, hopefully when it's like on a twenty percent sale or something of that sort. And that is it, y'all. Those are all the Riya and the last dragon sets. Yeah, I know only four sets makes for a very short episode of Brick Oology, but I honestly would not mind lego making more Ryan the lattrack and stuff in the future. I would definitely love to see that. And guys, check out my review for this movie on my are you not podcast on spotify, apple and also follow that instagram page. I'm really excited about that and thank you all so much for listening today's episode of Brick Ology. Please stay tuned. I have some great stuff planned for the end of season four and then season five is going to be absolutely epic. Thank you all so much for listening. God bless as a great rest of your day. Peace Out, but by.

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