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LEGO Super Mario (2020)


Letsa go! LegoLee329 breaks the newest smash-hit LEGO theme in Super Mario and dicusses what the poteintial liscense between LEGO and Nintendo could mean for the future of both brands. 

...oodmorning good afternoon of goodevening whenever, wherever you are, thank you so much smoking meur part ofyour day. My name is Leiparm, might know me as Legole or legle three tonine from facebook, Ancogram twitter, you two Patrion, you name it. I am allover this crazy thing. We call the Internet, and this is the Bricologypotcast, a study of small plastic bricks. How are you doing today? Isincerely hope you're just having an absolutely fantastic day. It is sunnyoutside. We just had a hurricane pass through. It's been pretty crazy timeshere, but let's get on today's episote of brichology. We are in full swinginto season. t three of this podcast and we're just a sliver away from seventhousand strams. I've been getting about an average of a thousand streamsa week for the past few weeks now, which is insane. This pokcatch hasgrown OL lot and the about six short month that it has been running, andthis is the twenty fourth episode of Bricology, my Kobe Bryan episode, retsand piece cobe Bri also go listen to the second episot of Becology, where I'do a longer tribute to the legendary Kobe Bryant, and this bicology is goingto be a bit different because we are breaking with tradition. I pretty muche mention this on every episode of Bricology that I do this alteratingpattern between what Lego fee I focus on one week. I do a license like atheme like last week, I did like a Star War Solo, a star war story, and en thenext week I do an unlicensed Tham like Pharaoh's quest, which was thes seasontwo finale. However, this week we're going to do a licensed steam and lastweek was a Lecense theeme. So, yes, I am breaking the pattern for thisepisode. Now it's going to be a special occasion, sort of thing I'm not goingto forget about that pattern to make up for it. The next two episodes afterthis one there'll be too straight. onlicensed themes such or foor episodeswe've done two of each and en the pattern will continue along as normal,but the reason I wanted to do this spacific episode about a specificlicense theme is because this is going to be a little th mit of a new thing.For me, this episete of pricology is a belt, a brand new Lek of theme, prettymuch every other episode of brickology that I've done has been about a Leeothing. That's existed for a long time, even some of them going back. You knowto a different millennia in the nineteen nineties. Today's episote ofBrecology is going to be a Lego theme that was literally just releasedofficially on August first, I kind of Wander d the episode last week, but Ididn't feel like I had enough of the stuff to really do it and it wasn'tofficially out last week. So I waited one week, but I couldn't wait anylonger, and one thing I do love to do in Bricology is be topical. It's kindof hard to be topical when a lot of things are delayed, nd not coming outbecause of well. You know stuff going on in the world, but this Lego stuffcame out on time a big grand release for it. You probably know what I'mtalking about. Obviously you do. If you listen to Episodeb'cause You'e probly,seen the title of the episode. ADAY's episode of brickology is about Lego,Super Mario and yes, I just wante to get this episode out as quickly aspossible, but before we jump into talking about Lego Supermario, I haveto do my shameless blug guys go find me on all these social media platforms.You can find Legolee or legaly three to nine on facebook. Like my facet page,you can follow me untwitter, you can follow me on instant Gran. Myansergrand page is going really well. I literally postd daily Conton over there.deafly checked that out and also subscribe to my ut chame might belistening to this on you tube or follow me on Spotifi you're. Listening onspotify, please consider following I have almost seven thousand strins and Ihave less than one hundred followers. That number seems a little bit skewed.I really think you guys should consider follow me in spitify, which will giveyou updates whenever I actually post a... episode of this pot cast also onemore shameless plug. If you really love Brecology, if you really love Legolee,Lei Parm, maybe consider supporting me on Patrion, literally a donation of onedollar one dollar a month, it doesn't have to be anything big. One dollarmonth goes a long way for funding this podcast, my channel and all the stuff.I do because I don't really make a whole lot of cash off of this, and Legois expensive, creating potcast paying for softwares and everything it's allexpensive. So if you donate one dollar a month that slowly adds up, and ithelps me to fund this, which I really enjoy doing a D GSEEM to enjoy listningto and watching so may be, consider becoming a Patriron supporter if youhave not already so all that out of the way, let's jum straight in and talkabout, Legos to mme I'm holding my hand up, you know my fingers clinchedtogether and throwing my fist into the sky like an Italian, I' noer. Reallyhave to resist doing that tot this entire episode. I apologize in advancefor probably a lot of just weird spirts of me doing a horrible Marioinpersonation in a terrible Italian accent, but without further Du. Let'stalk about Lego Supermario and let's talk about Mario as a character. Ialways love to do O. do this on Bricology SIS, a study of smallplasticed bricks, nd, we need to add some context, tith this story and talkabout the history of Maria, the Horg t ta about the Lego supermario stuff. NowI will say one thing: This is going to be a an incredibly brief history ofMario, because there's way too much, I could make a five hour long podcastabout the history of Mario alone. This is a legopod cast. I just want to add alittle bit of context for those who might not know, Mario as a characterwas first introduced in what game say it with me, you might get this Rom'cause. He was actually introduced in Donkey Cong N, oanine, hunded andeighty one, the arcade game, and he wasn't even referred to as Mario. Hewas originally referred to as jump man, which is kind of funny that he knowlater was given a name. The first supermario Gane for an intendo consolewas supermario made for the Nintendo entertainment system, brevited nes innineteen. Eighty five well talk more about this later on in this episocas,it's very important too. A LEGO set from this theme B. T that's the firstever Lego, Supermar, not for e supermario game and we'll talk about itmore later on on today's episode and there are tons of Marro Games like Isaid it will take forever for me to talk about all of the game. So I'mreally just not going to focus on it. I'm sorry if you guys wanted to get alittle bit more information about Mario, I'm pretty sure. Most of you know aboutMaria. Most of you have probably played a Mario game to some extent, if youhaven't you either don't have electricity or R, you beenliving underIraq. So I really don't know to tell you if you have had no exposure toMario as a video game. My personal favorite Mario Games. I, like SuperMario Galaxy, that one was fun for the wee, but for the nitendo game, cubesupermario sunshine. That was part of my childhood. I loved that game.Setermaro sunshine was the stuff fom me that is definitly my personal favoriteMario game, but there's so many fun Mario Games Marocart. I play all thetime supersmash bothers, which you know incorporate lots of other Nintendo andother game properties in general. I love that game as well, and I'm a bigNintendo Fin and well talk about my intend, fand them here and just asecond now, an kind of bridge, the way into talking about Lego, Supermario andthe announcement of Lego's license with Nintendo. Now I remember it wasactually rumored last year that there might be some legunintendo stuff comingup a personal buddy of mine and a big letter Utuba, you guys, probably knowjust too good was hinting at it and you know he's a big Mario Fan. So I kind ofthought he might be. You know a little exaggerating, but he was right. He tookall these context clues and kind of strung them together and he was likeguys, I think, Lego Mario, might be happening next year and he was correct,which is Super Awesome, I'm glad he was correct and the marioline was well twas kindo hinted at and revealed sort...

...of at Toyfar, twenty twenty. They firstrevealed the Mario quote, unquote figure now initially- and there stillis a ton of backlash in the Lego community- about this particular figurebecause well Mario's not a real lego figure. He is a custom figure and we'lltalk about that. Mario figure here, just a second but he's not a typicalleg of minifigure and a lot of people, including myself, initially wereincredibly mad about that. We want normal, you know legamario stuff, andthey made this different kind of wack system that doesn't really fit in withthe rest of what Lego normally does, which definitely drew a lot of backlashnow lego kept revealing more stuff from the line, and then they did preordersand the preoers all sold out. And all this Ma t HAV S, one backorder justsold out O Lego shop at home, currently just about a week after it wasofficially released. So I think legois still doing. Ok, even Hou H, there wasa lot of backlashan still is a lot of backclash. It seems like they're doingall right and they seem to be selling really really well and I'm not rullingout the fact that Lego and Intendo are both incredibly smart companies if theydon't make many figures at some point in the future, they're both just stupid.I don't think either of these companies is that dumb and I think they willdefinitely let normal minifigures from Mario and other Nintino propertieshappen at some point in the future. That's just a gold mind t they're bothsitting on top of, I think they both kind jus, want to experiment and kindof incorporate like a video game aspect with Lego. So I think it's anexperiment. It's actually worked out pretty well, and these sets are reallyfun D, I'll talk about them mere and just a second, but that's just kind ofwhat people in lot. People's reaction war as to the reveal of Mario, mypersonal reaction. First of this, is you know something that a lotf peoplesay a lot. People throw this phrase around a lot of the time and I think alot of time it's very hyperbolic, but in this instance this is not hypobotic.For me personally, Lego and Nintendo partning together is literally a dream.Come true, like I have been dreaming about. Legonintendo sets ever since myfamily, my brothers and I got an Nintendo Game Cube back in two thousandand two eighteen years ago I was like five years old when that happened, andever since then I had been dreaming about the potential of Legodentendosets and ifve always like these games would translate so well to Lego form.Nomario is not my personal favorite Nintendo Franchise, it's obviously themost iconic, it's probably the most liconic video game in the world, butit's not my personal favorite. My personal, far intende franchise by faris legend Ozelda. I am obsessed with legend Dazelda and if Lega at somepoint makes Zelda sets, I will actually lose my mind. I will flip out. There'sbeen a bunch of lego ideas, parducts that have been rejected for Zelda. Ineed Legozova O my life, especially if they made stuff based off winwaker mypersonal favorite Lego game. Also, this is kind of also gamefreak, but anintendo propery nevertheless is pocaman if they made stuff for Pokoman as well.I would go crazy, but I do no mecaconstruct an fortunately has thelicense. rer Pokomo right now, so I'm not sure how that what happened- and Ilike Mario Ive, played a lot of Mareo Games. I've never been a committedMario Fan. I haven't gotten the past few Maro Ganes, but I do like MaryoAllah and I'm jus super hype, they're making Maro stuff and we're getting onlF. These iconic Mario characters in legoform and the promise that a LegoNintendo license can potentially bring the future is one of the more excitingthings to come out of two thosand Ad Twenty in general. So those are my kindof brief thoughts on this whole thing. At the end of the episode, I'm Gno giveyou a bigger scale, F thoughts on this whole situation, but before we do that,let so much in the meat o today's episode to actually talk about the Lego,supermario products themselves. Now, according to brickset, there are thirtyone LEGO supermario sets keep that in...

...mind that this literaly came on onAugust first, a week ago, pretty much a week ago, less than we could go whenI'm recording on Thursday there's thirty one sets already now. Some ofthem are, you know small bags and stuff, but that is a ton of products. It's ahumongous law tolego. This is a really big deal, so there's really a lot totalk about. So let's jump straight into it and start talking about the Lego,supermario sets and, of course, what better way to start this off than thefirst thing they revealed, and that is the adventures with Mario starger setthis set costs. Sixty dollars has two hundred and thirty one pieces, big oofon the pricure piece, but it makes a little bit more sense when we talkabout the Mario figure here in just a second and speaking of that Mariofigure. This is currently the only way to get the Lego mariofigure. All theother boxes. For these Mario sets specifically say: LEGAMARIO AIn'tincluded Yol. He does not come in any other set, although he's seen on all ofthese expansion set boxes, but he's like slightly transparent just to letpeople know Lik, Mario actually doesn't come in this box, which is a little bitmisleading, but also is clearly stated by leg on the box and some rather smallprint. Now the Mario figure, like we already said it's, not a typical leg offigure and the rest of the characters in the smardio line, are actually brickbuilt characters. Mario is a very custom moted piece that has somebatteries inside and is an electronic figure very interesting, very differentand new for legalggers really doesn't do this sort of thing often- and thisthing has a code scanner on the bottom and all the villains and variousplatforms drot. These sets have these bar codes that leg a mario can scan andhe gets different powers and coins and things from all of these code, which iskind o hold. This course system works and essentially, with this set, theyhave the opening pipe that Maryo comes out of and they have the flag polefinish line for Marya to finish, and you can start your level. You havesixty seconds. You can gain time. You can lose time and in those sixtyseconds, you're going to try and give as many powerups and coins a Defetamany enemies as possible. And after you do you fetch at the flag pole and seehow many coins you can get it is this Lego, Mario System, that kind of actslike a video game in speaking of Video Games? This se is sixty dollars, whichis the current starting price for most nintendo switch games at the moment,which is very interesting and also Mario. If you want to you, can get himdifferent suits. It is kind of like D LC, it's ten dollars and you get a fireMario suit, a propeller mariosuit, a cart mariosucat Mario, I wrote CarMario M Y, show note lookathom right here. Little Typo, I meant cat mariossuit and a builder Mario Suit, pretty cool suits lots of cool pieces. Tendollars, for these is absolutely ridiculous. These sets have like elevento thirteen pieces, each. That is a ridiculous price and I'm probably notgoing to be perching those until they go on sale, but also included with thistat. You get a Gumba. They come in lot of sets, but I mean, if you're a MarioFan, you can never get too many Gumbas. Of course they are just an incrediblyiconic villain for the Mario Seres and you also get bals er junior in thistarter set a completely exclusive brickbill character in Balsor juniorand he looks very cool. The Bild of this set kind. Just introduces us to afew different of the byoms from the supermarto series, get a grasp by Hemand get a LOVEA BYEM and a water by OMS of different little sections. For thiswhole thing, and specifically, this Bild doesn't really represent anythingin particular, while some of the other sets we're about to talk about, have amore specific buill. This one, really it's just kind of like a taste of whatis expected to come from the rest of the Mario series, so it kind of givesyou a little bit of a hint of what you might see in the rest of these sets,and, speaking of this S, I still don't have this set. I preordered this setfrom Leco dotcom like two months ago, and it has not shipped yet theyactually just sening email. Today saying we have the said, the warehouseand we're taking extra precautions.

What precautions are you taking thatnow? It is taking them over a week for you guys to not have shipped this setYe, I'm getting pretty impatient, because I also have the nes n, thethwap drop set coming in the mail as well, and they have not even shippedthem out. Yet I'm getting very impatient, and I really hope these setscome here Asoon, because I spend a lot of money on those. I S hop, makereviews for them and you guys are really delaying me Lego, but yes, thatis the Mario startercors set it's hard for me to really speak on the qualityof this yet because I don't have it even though I own a lot of the othersupermario sets, but that is thes started corsset also a preorder donusor a in store promotional bonussete is the MONTEMOLE and supermoshroom set.This is a one hundred sixty three piece premo set that you got with buying thissturter set. It includes Monti, Mal who's, not exclusive. You also getthese super mushroom that is exclusive, but not really a character, and it's adesert byum thing and the super mushroom is a feature where Yeu cannoct hime over and e kind of shoots, Montimol out of a hole, pretty cool.Little expansion said that I unfortunately have missed out on I'll,probably have to fork over some money on Ebay to get debt sat at some pointhere and the future the next set from this Mario Line for twenty dollars. Onea hundred and eighty pieces is the desert poky. The figures include wit, h,the set where the for mentioned Monteman, who also comes in this set,and you also get the desert poky. Now the Desser Poki is not really a figurebecause it's very incorporated into the build, but it looks fantastic. I thinklegos designed four desert poky is about as good as it gets so the Noothis set, like I said it's a desert, Bao and a Casa desert, poke who's kindof like lines up against this kind of desert wall sort of thing and there'sthis feature where you put Mario on this hammer. That can spin around andyou can spend the hammer around and slowly knock off the pieces of thedesert poky one by one, and then one of the pieces has a code that lego Mariocan scan. That is a really really fun play feature, and I think for twentydollars is a pretty fantastic set. Also for twenty bucks from this line with alot less piecis one hundred and thirty three parts and Total is was loveotrouble. I recently reviewed this set at iutu channel and gave it a prettyscathing review. This a includes a lava bubble, which is a cool littlecharacter that comes in a lot of the fire. Bi O Luvaby type sets, and youalso get the want character. Now the brickbuilt Lam character uses one ofthose big kind of like wall pieces with printing on it that wamp characterlooks fantastic. Lego did a brilliant job with that character. The build ofthis set, though it's a fire by em. You get a little bridge thing that Mariocan like slide across on. He als t have a green shell that knocks over the lavabubble and that's it. The Bild of this set is terrible. It's easily the worstbuild of this entire line. In my opinion, I love Wa and that's the onlyreason I even Gat that set a rating higher than five out of ten. If itwasn't for WAP, this set would be absolutely got awful, but Bhecomes, oneof the best figures from the Mardio line with easily the worst Bild. In myopinion, a much better build, though, comes in the way of the thirty dollar.Two hundred and seventeen piece set called the Parana plant power. Slud saythat five times fast, the figures included here are at Gumba who come ana lot of these sets. He has to get cupatrooper but KUPACUPA. Sorry, thecheapest way to get that character. Another iconic Mardo character and theBill Thi set is a desert BYEM and it has bricks with a time blockwokes getsmanio some extra time when he scans I and you get the titular build the Pranaplants slide itself. The slide here uses the roller coaster pieces thatwere introduced. A few years ago, and basically, you can put Mario on arollercoaster, cart and slide them back and forth slide is not the accuratename. I really think this should have been called a sesa. He rocks back andforth and you're supposed to collect coins while avoiding getting eaten bythe PARONO plants that are seen on either side. The prioplants Hav, prettycool brick bilds for their heads. That... a pretty fun set, also for thirtydollars. Woth one hundred and thirty two pieces, humongus oof on thepricerpiece of that set, which I definitely went into for my review ofthis set Amatu Channel- is the boomer bill barage. I do love the illiterationin that set name, though thiscomes in an exclusive shyguy figure. I loveSchagai, one of my personal favorite, Mario Characters. He just looks greatin the letter. Apresentation of him is great as well. This also comes with asupermonay power mushroom. Now the power mushroom comes in a lot of thesemariosets, which makes sense it's an iconic part of the Mario Game and thepower mushroom also comes in a five dollar polly bag set with eighteenpieces. That also comes with a question markd block in a small piece of a waterby EM withsome grass. On top that's a poly neg said he cand find a target oris also a promotion on some other website, Lok likeo shop at home. Butgetting back to this set the build here is a grass and water by em set up. Ithas a small stairstep kind of bill for grass that leads up to the powermushroom on top of a brick, nothing super interesting. There, then, youhave the boomer bills, are kind of suspended in the air and there's afeature or you spin around these gears, with Mario on them and the doer billsalso start spinning as well and you're supposed to collect coins with, like aMario before one of the boomer bills, knocks him off his stand and there'sactually two difficulty settings one more HEAC into place with clutch poweron some studs as another one, where he's completely flat on tiles, makinghim more susceptible to falling off. Pretty Cool set, build a very cool playfeature. It's a really fun play feature that I definitely play with a lot in myreview for this set. But the set is a super underwhelming build with in termsof substance. It really is not worth thirty dollars at all, especially withonly a hundred and thirty two pieces. The price of that set is horrible, andI really took that an account unto my review of that set as well. Also forthirty dollars from this wave is the Maryos House and a Yoshi set this thathad two hundred and five pieces it includes af course. You Sur one of themore iconic characters from the Mario series. I love you. She, everybodyloves Yshi. The Le Ayosi is very cute in a pretty cool design. However, he'sLime Green, they should have used the color they use for the green byums. Thegrass byoms from these set that would have looked so much better and way moreaccurate. The fact that he's lime, green is just not accurate in myopinion, doesn't look very good. However, this set is a very interestingone. You also get a Goombo with a kind of scare different expression on hisface. You get this weird tree and a hammock that has a cloth piece and youcan literally plut the mariofigure in there and Mario Falls Asleep in theHammock, and you can rock him back and forth in the Hammock, like he'ssleeping hat's, a pretty interesting playfeature and you get Mario's housevery interesting that Mario's house was made because that's from the paper,Mario video game wasn't really expecting Lega to go so obscure. Withthe Bild for this set. The house is a facade. It looks pretty good from thefront. It has a really clever use of the uniqitty cloud stand piece s likesmoke from a Chimni steck. That is really cool, but it's a facade and thedoor opens to reveal absolutely nothing on the inside. There is no interior andyou'll hear me talk about that more throughout this episode about a lot ofthe structure build from these Mario Sets and you can't open up the roof toreveal a star block which is cool, but I think this house was a bit of a letdown. It looks decent, but it could have been so much better if they hadhad a some semblance of an interior now jumping in price a good bit. We havethese seventy dollar four hundred and sixty four piece set toads treasurehunt. I still don't have this set, I'm a little hesitant to get this one inparticular, because I think the price is really bad, but I do want the toadAntodet figures. The first two figures are Goin to Tak about here in this setthat are completely exclusive and, of course, aure pretty iconic charactersto the Mario series. You also get a Gumba, of course, and you also get twocheap cheeps who are eclisit to this...

...set as well and the bilt. Here you getthree different mushroom houses for toad again, all facades. They have nointerior or anything, but they look really cool, there's two smaller onesthat are yellow and purple, and one bigger one that is read like toadhimself, really cool, looking bilds the rest o this build as grass and waterbyomes, with lots of different stops or Marios and trees were little spinningfeature with the cheap cheafs. There's a lot going on with this build andactually looks really cool again, like I said, I'm just hesitant to get thisset in particular, because I think that price is a little bit out there, butit's still a cool looking set and I'll probably get it at some point, but Imight just wait for a sale on that, one in particular. Now the final set forthe main way. Basically, the rest of the sets from this episode are going tobe like stor, UX, eclusees or promotions or whatnot. The final, thebiggest set from this normal Maryo wave, is the one hundred dollar one thousandand ten piece Bowsers Castle, boss battle. Of course, bouther's castle isgoing to be the biggest set from this wave, the figure seer or a brickbuiltbowzer. Who is very interesting. Looking a very stylized brickbuiltfigure, I think Lico did a pretty good job with this Bouzer, but I think thatcould have done a little bit better, but he still looks pretty cool. Youalso got dry bones another one of my personal favorite characters from Marioand the drybones figure looks perfect, a absolutely spectacular job with thatdry bones character and you get a small boo about the bigger boo here. Just asecond, a small boo which the booze in this Maru series are very blocky andthey're, very leguified, which is interesting because they're, veryspherical and round in game and seeing them very blocky is a bit weird and youalso get a loffo bubble. Where there's a play figure, we can make the love ofo kind o fly up into the air, and all of these characters do have codes onthem. The Bild for this set is definitely my favorite Bild from thisseries. It really looks good asthetically speaking. It's a gooddisplay piece even outside of this Mario Seres Ankin of the whole coursebuilding system. You have like a front wall for the castle. It looks like fromthe towers Lavas like flowing out of them. It looks really really cool.There's a couple of towers off the side of the castle and the main part of thecastle. has this big statue of Bowser with big arms? It's like a big stonestatue of him. That looks absolutely fantastic. I think definitely the bestbrickti design in all of these Lega mariosets and the playfeatures here areoff the chart. You can hit these things to make BAZER's arms go up and when hisarms go up, the bowser figure becomes more suscentible to attack, and you cana spend Mary on this thing that slowly knocks over bows. You can defeat thebast boss battle hit. Dowser, a bunch in the back of t e Mario on the codescollect all these coins and defeat Bolser once and for all, I meanseriously a very elaborate play feature system before this set Ande, even efuatures to knock over King Boo, knock over dry bones, get coins and stufffrom them. There's a time block and there's a star block, I mean seriously.There's a lot going on with this set. This set is pretty fantastic. It's alsoa great deal. It's an absolutely huge build it's much bigger than I thougtwould be it's ten cents ar piece. This is a great set, and it's not really abig surprise. This set was voted as the Best Mario set of the live and I'minclined to agree. I think it is the best set of the line unless we coun.You know that the consumer said that we'll talk about here later in thisepisode, so that's it for the normal Mario sets. Now we can caspert to talkabout the retail exclusive mariosets. Now I grouped this one in with theretail sluces, because I thought it wasn't retail exclusive and it has adifferent set numbering system from the rest, and that is heguarded forturs.It's a fifty dollar four hundred sixty eight piece set, but I've seen thit sitat target and a o tha set on Amazons S O I'm not entirely sure if it actuallyis a retail exclusive. We're just going to talk about this et anyways and kinof.Forget about that. This say here comes of the Cubatoope, a Bamon which,interestingly enough, the Baam is also... of the blind, bad characters we'retalking about later on in the Tas episode, and you get Prana plant herethat comes out of the pipe and there's a coold play feature to activate priorplant coming out of the pipe which is really fun, and that's the only way toreally get you know the separate PRI plant from the slide set and the buildhere has a very nice looking castle and kind of a burnt, arange color. That, ofcourse, is the guarded fortress. I think this is a fantastic looking bild.I don't have this set yet, but it does look very good, but yet again thecastle is, unfortunately, a facade definite isappointing there, but thisthing is built out of grass water and a very small stretch of lava byem. So alot going on with this set in those various areas, Martican award the Bvoid the Baam go. The prano plant have cupatooper lots of things for Mario todo, and this set it's a very cool set. I don't have this one yet, but I doplan on picking this one up for forty dollars. This set is a Walmart andLegoshop exclusive is the three hundred and ninety three piece sec called thwapdrop. The figures, including here, are a couple of LAFA bubbles again that wesee with all these love of buying umsets and you also get flop now papisn't really a character he kind of is. He has a face and he's just a big blockthat drops- and you know, I'm familiar with TWAMPS, specifically in Maryocart.Those things are paying the BU and Marie Cart, sometimes especially ifthey hit you yousee them all the time in the MAROCAR gameing. Many differentcourses, but thop is kind of an iconic CACCTO, Mardo and thlop is known fordropping in this set has thwamp and there's a feature to make him drop.Surprise. Surprise very cool play feature. I'm waiting for this one tocome, the male from Lega F. They would just please ship my frenking orders ofsets. I am ready to get this one and addit to my collection. I TNK it soalso go really well with the bowsers castle says like little platform beforeyou actually get to Bowsers Castle, and there also is a little stiding platformfrom Mario for some additional play features and some platforms, pety Laabubbles and kind of knocked them off as well. Also for fifty dollars. Fourhundred and thirty one pieces, we have the target exclusive kingboo and thehaunted yard. I reviewed this sent on my Yutu Channel and I was reallyimpressed with the build of the set it's a big Bild for fifty bucks greatdeal here. I came with two goombuzz. You also got these swoop bats times forand King Boo now, unfortunately, the SOT bats andking Bo are built in such away that theyare very incorporated into the set, and they don't really work aslike individual figures. That was definitely a bit of a disappointment tome, but there's a really cool play feature where you kind of spin aroundthe swop bats and it slowly knocks off King Bo and each of the sweetbats hastheir own little bar coad on the back. Very cool play feature in King Bo alsohas a code as well, and this one has a very clever difficulty: sedting, whereyou can o slide this technic rud back and forth a you. have it on one way,the swet bats move very quickly, makes it easier to be you do the other waythat comes slowor makes it harder to beat. That is very cool, and this oneis a very interesting bio because it's not really in line with the rest of theset. It's like this Halloween style by em, where the byon pieces are kind ofan burnt, orange color and there's lots of blacks and grace here. It looks veryhaunted, House and Halloween thing: There's spider webs all over the place,including a really Nice spide web clay, feature wif. They coat as well, there'sa dead shree. It has this kind of creepy, aesthetic that I really doenjoy quite a bit and it's very unique and different from the rest of thes set.So I really like this King Boo and the haunted yard set. I was very impressedwith the Bild of that set and that is it for the main kind of line of Maryosets, but we still have a few things to talk about in today's episode for fivedollars each you can get the charater blind bags. These each include onebillable character that has a small byum pieces, a stand. These are verycool and actually four dollars a target. If you want to save a little F of money-and I think five dollars is a fair price because they each seem to cut upabout twenty to thirty pieces, each and the characters included in this seriesare all exclusive. Besides Bomam who comes in the guarded fortress set, it'snice. The bomb comes in a cheapway here,...

...but it's also a little bit weird thathe comes in multiple sets. Makking him not exclusive to this series, but theother characters are exclusive, including Peragom. Ba The flying Guba,you fuzzy, you have spiny, you have buzzy beetle bullet bill, EAP, cheapbooper, Urchin and Peopa all exclusive, really fon little brickbicelt B builtcharacters. I have half of this series so far and I hope to complete the restof it here soon now. Finally, we have the last Lego supermario set. We get totalk about, and this is the big one. Now, unsurprisingly, when Legga does abig product launch like they did for Lego Supermarro a lot of times theylike to do a very adult, centric, eighteen plus Directa, consumer styleset and Marrio is no exception, and that set is the two hundred and thirtydollar twenty six hundred and forty six piece tentindo entertainment system,any S for short set. This is based off the aforment on N, Rour and ninehundred and eighty five and it comes with a brick built version of theconsol. That functions quote unquote like the consul and you get theoriginal supermario Game Ana replic of the carturs that it originally wouldcome in back in eighty five, you can put the cartridge in the Lego Nia, youknow plops into place like it does on the real one, and you can hook it up toa brickbuilt Lego TV that has a crank system that makes it look like you'replaying through the first level of the original supermario game. The featureof this set is ridiculous. It is one of the most crazy feats of legoengineering. I have ever seen that feature is top not and so cool watmakes it even cooler, as you can actually scan. The Mario figure fromthe starter. Corse set put him on top of the NES and he starts scanning somecolors from this crank system and he makes noises and plays Maria music togive even more life. To this feature, this set is brilliant and fantastic and,of course, was a day one purchase for me and I ha o stay up late at midnightto order this a Lego shop at home. The site crashed for like twenty minutes,but I did get my order in, but they still have not shipped it out. I knowI've complained about that a lot in today's episode, but I'm getting prettyimpatient yowl. I really want this Seid and I'm just so so stoat to now thisSatand, hopefully le O ship tet out as soon as possible. So that's it. Thoseare all these Super Mario sets, but before I canclude today's episode ofBricology, basically, what I have written in my shnotes is my thoughts onthese Mario sets and it's written as an Adlip. So I'm just going to kind oftalk from my soul about how I feel Thi Ligo Supermarto, set without any realscript. These sets are interesting and I like them more than I thought I would,but I definitely am not as in love with them, as I think I should be, because Iwould be in love with like o Sopermarrio Sais, that they had norolLik, O mini figures. This style is definitely not what I would have wanted,but I think they've done a good job with the system. First off the sets areall fun to build. They have tons of great plaability features, which isgreat for kids, and I do have to remember. Lego is ultimately a childproduct. Now they do make eighteen plus sets like the NES specicfically fpeople like me, adult fans of Lego, but these sets ar C ages like six pluseight plus eighb, ten plus for some of the big sets these sets are made forchildren. They are not targeted at me, so I have to keep that in mind, and Ialso think they did an absolutely great job making tons of awesome. New Piecesfor this set making a really fondest system to building these sets and thebilds still look pretty good like aesthetically speaking. I have them ondisplay here. I'm building a course on a table of mine. I still think itactually looks really good. They don't look bad on display at all. I wouldhave preferred many figure style stuff.

I would love to see some structures atactual interior. I think the fact that there's a lot of facades is definitelysappointing, but for the most part the builds look good and the pricesactually aren't as bad as they look, because most of these sets are prettylarge builds. They have a lot of size to them and a lot of very unique pieces.So the prices here aren't that bad at all. I definitely do wish they wer manyfigure style sets and I really hope they' make many figure style sets, andI'm going to reiterate my point from the beginnis episode. I don't thinkLego. Ornintendo are dumb enough to never do manifigure stuff. With thislicense, I think they wanted to try something out new. They Wan to kind ofmix a video game and Lego together to make this interesting court system tosee how it goes, but I would be willing to bet next year or a year to thatwe're going to get something with Mani figure style stuff. Now I do think thata lot of these sets are kind of one dimensional and I think a kid might getbored with the playability features like I don't have the Maro thing yet,but I can't really imagine a kid having a ton of fun playing with this for anextended amount of time when they also cost the same as like a video game, andI fee like a video game. Mario gives you a lot more potential with plability,so that is definitely an issue I see with these set and also there are acouple of problems I have with these things my biggest problems, onetransportin these bills is very very hard. The pieces are all very looselyconnected, so it's hard to pick up one of these bills. Everything catchesfalling apart and I get that it's supposed to be rearranged for thiscoarse building system. But ultimately I do wish that the bills were a littlebit more structurally sound beside the individual pieces. But my biggest issuewith all of these sets is the instructions. The instructions includewith the sets are a very small paper, Pan Flip that just links you to give abar code to use the instructions on these supermario AP and the MARRIOAP isvery integral. You have to have the instructions on the MARIOAPP or accessthem on legoshophomes little instruction kind of website thing, sothey don't make paper instructions for these sets, and you know what Iunderstand that most people probably have access to a laptop or asmartefonor tablet. But when I was a kid I didn't get a phone for a verylong time: Parents ar not getting me a phone or I pa NNTIL. I was like ateenager and if I were a kid I'd be like Wai. How am I supposed to buildthis? If I don't have a phone? Also, what happens if your phone runs out ofbattery and your power is out or you're ot a data, and you can't access theseor you know stuff like that. There are a lot of things that I don't like abouthaving completely digital instructions, I think it Kinda hinders some of themistike of a Lego Build, and I definitely don't like that about thisparticular line, and I really think Lego should include paper instruction.Manuals like the instructions I do have in theap are very efficient and verywell done, and I commit them for making a really efficient software for them,but I really think that these sets should have come with actual paperinstructions. That's my biggest issue with these sets. So overall, it'sinteresting. I'm still super excited and happy that Leo supermarrio exists.It definitely could have been better and I hoped they'd do some better stuffin the future, but what they had given up is given us is exciting. It's funand I think it's going to bring a lot of joy to people, even though itdefinitely still is controversial. That's all folks that just start toPora rain, which is great that it came at the very end of my recording intoday's episode of Brikology, and I'm pretty happy that I limited my MarroImpressions is episodee just that one little time you guys should be veryproud of me, but thank you so much from listening to day's episode of Bricology.Like I said, the next two episodes will be onlicense themes, on'll get back tothe ignormal pattern that we have been on and if you guys want to ask mequestion shoot me a DM on my pages all over the place. I would love to hearfrom. You also maybe send me an email, legalethtnagia, dcom, I'd love toanswer your various questions. Thank... So much for listening, finemen.All those social media platforms follow this podcast Shir is potcast wile. Allof your friends. Thank you. So much for listening piece out by by an an awesome,recipue gay.

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